Army Knows Where Boko Haram Terrorists Hide But Fail To Eliminate Them – Senator Abbo

Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Navy, Distinguished Senator Ishaku Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, briefing journalists at his office in the NASS, on how security challenges are distracting the development of Nigeria. Photo; BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

Senator Representing Adamawa North Senatorial District,  Ishaku Abbo who is also the Deputy Chairman of Navy Committee, has said that Nigeria’s quest to quell the Boko Haram insurgency won’t be successful if the Federal Government continues with its current approach, stressing that the Army knows where the terrorists are but avoid taking the fight to them.

The lawmaker spoke to pressmen on the floor of the National Assembly Complex Abuja  on Tuesday afternoon shortly after the Inspector General of Police (IGP) briefed members of the  National Assembly on the the efforts of the police in combating the growing spates of insecurity all over the country.

He accused the Federal Government of treating the terrorists with kids gloves.

“With the current arrangement, I don’t see how we can win the war against the terrorists because the criminals are being emboldened to do criminality.

“The essence of the law is to punish law breakers, when law breakers are not punished then you are encouraging them.

“I don’t know how many Boko Haram suspects that the Federal Government have successfully prosecuted since Goodluck to Buhari ‘s regime?” He asked.

On the situation in the North East, the Senator further revealed that despite having over about 200,000 military personnel,  the Government chose to deploy only 30,000 soldiers to combat the militants whom he claimed, number over 100,000,  a situation that not only hampers the military in its fight against the insurgents, but has exposed the soldiers to unnecessary danger.

Senator Abbo further accused  the Army of not taking the fight to the militants, but rather waiting for the insurgents  to attack Army bases  before responding. 

He said that hideouts of the insurgents are known to the military, however, the Army does not attack them.

“We all know the camps of the insurgents, we know the terrain and we wait for them to attack our soldiers before the soldiers repel their attacks.

“The war against this insurgency is designed to last forever “, he opined.


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