64 Indigent Students Get Sambis Schools Scholarship

    Proprietress of Sambis Schools International, Mrs Mary Owoyele, briefing newsmen.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Sambis Schools International, Ungwar Boro, in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State has awarded scholarship to 64 indigent students who cannot afford education, to enable them access quality education.

    The Proprietress of the school, Mrs Mary Owoyele, stated this during a press conference held in Kaduna on Tuesday.

    According to her, the students, some of whom are based kilometers away from the vicinity of the school, are selected based on their performance in the examination organised by the school.

    “There are many people in our environment, who cannot afford costly school, so we offer scholarship to them so that they can be part of us.

    “The scheme started three years ago but we already have lots of testimonies from the parents who said they are happy that their children could attend school.

    “The community is happy with the scheme and some of the students have gone to universities to study chemical engineering, some are teachers here.

    “In five to 10 years, the testimonies will be greater, we would have beneficiaries as leaders of our community and responsible people in the society.

    ” The criteria used to select beneficiaries is through their performance in our standard examination. They are rated based on what each of the student score which determine what each of the students will be entitled to.

    “There was a case of a woman who lost her husband and became depressed, we have to award scholarship to two of her children one is in SSS1 whom we waive his school fees, bus fees, gave uniform, notebooks and textbooks free of charge. His brother who was in SSS3 in another school could not pay the WAEC fee, we have to enrol hi in our school and pay the fee for him.” She said

    Also speaking, husband of the proprietress, Mr Sam Owoyele said, “60% of the 108 students in the school are on scholarship. Some on full scholarship, some on half scholarship. Our aim is to give comprehensive education at affordable price, to develop talented leaders per excellence.

    “We don’t get assistance or grant from any NGO or government, except some taxes that they ask is to pay which we don’t understand. Maybe government should look at genuine schools and support us.

    ” Poverty is biting hard, if we don’t help them this way, we probably won’t have any student as they would have all gone to government schools where they pay next to nothing.”

    Some of the beneficiaries expressed appreciation to the school for providing them easy access to education. According to Israel Williams, a JSS3 student who hailed from Kogi state but lives in Ungwa Yelwa “Chikun Local Government Area some 10km away, “the school has been kind, caring to show concern for those of us who cannot afford the school fees.

    ,” We don’t pay anything but have access to education free of charge. It has lifted huge burden from our family”.

    Also speaking, Delta state born Paul Nwadozie, who reside in Kamazou some 12km from the school said, “the school has tried for us giving us the privilege to have quality education, I cannot thank them enough for helping me to further my ambition of becoming a pilot when i graduate”.

    Kaduna state born Sharon Bonat, who is in JSS3 said, “i want to say a big thank you to the school, without the scholarship and their kindness to us the poor ones, maybe we wouldn’t have had the opportunity of going to school”.

    Sintiki Samuel an SSS3 student said, “as we are preparing for our WAEC, we thank our proprietress who helped us with scholarship.

    “My father died since i was very young, while my mother is a teacher, without the scholarship, I would maybe be in a government school. But with the scholarship my ambition of becoming a medical doctor is on course”.


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