We Must Be In Tokyo Olympics, Nimrod Tells Volleyball Teams

    President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), Engr.Musa Nimrod fielding questions from newsmen in Kaduna on Tuesday December 31, 2019. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    While confidant that Nigeria has all it takes to be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Beach Volleyball event, President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF), Engineer Musa Nimrod has warned that no mistakes should cost the country a chance of being represented at the world’s number one sporting gathering.

    He handed out the warning, while giving a remark at the closing ceremony of the President Beach Volleyball Cup at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on Saturday night.

    “We must be in the Olympics at Tokyo.

    “We must put our heads together,va divided house cannot succeed. We must be in one spirit.

    “I am been challenged that for the Tokyo Olympics, Nigeria would host the second round for female qualifiers, the male are going to Mozambique to compete.

    “You have to beat Kenya in Abuja, we cannot host and lose. Let’s not criticise each other, let’s be united,” he admonished.

    He continued, “For the senior  team, you have two weeks to the qualifiers to the last round and we must clinch the tickets,” he stressed.

    In his remarks, the President NVBF, Engineer Musa Nimrod said that the competition was not held for two years, but expressed delight that it has been held successfully.

    On other events, he said that they are going to African Nations Cup under 19, and he is optimistic that Nigeria will get good representation, based on the standard of play and skills displayed during the President Cup.

    “Nigeria would host U-18 Volleyball Indoor this year. Also, the league would soon commence for the indoor Volleyball,” he declared.

    Nimrod said that he was excited that only Beach Volleyball is the  Beach games at the National Sports Festival (NSF), an indication that the sport is gaining more popularity.

    “I want to see a good game at the NSF. Other sports want to have Beach competition in NSF,  but only Beach Volleyball got it,” he said.


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