Send Your Children To Schools Or Go To Jail, el-Rufai Warns Parents

    Governor Nasir el-Rufai

    Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State, on Wednesday said that the state is committed to enrolling every child on free education, parents who refuse to enrol his or her child to school will be arrested and jailed.

    The State Governor Nasir el-Rufai disclosed this at a public hearing organised by the Kaduna State Government in collaboration with the Save The Children International on the Development of Kaduna State Social Protection Policy held at Hassan Usman Katsina House, Kaduna.

    The Governor emphasised that the vision of the Social Protection Policy in the state is to educate, encourage job creation, the health of the people and disability are protected.

    el-Rufai explained on populations, he said this time we have about 10m people within the age of 35 who have no job, some are poor and this are the people who voted us into this government, he said.

    Explaning further, he said: “Our first priority is education, every male or female will have access to education, he noted.

    The Governor said: No parents in the State should stop their children from enrolment into school, education in Kaduna State is free for all children.
    Any parents who refuses to send his or her child to school will be arrested and jailed for destroying the future of his or her children, he warned.

    In addition, the 12 years of education  is free and compulsory for our children, he encouraged.
    Speaking further, he said:  secondly is for every person who lives in the State should be able to approach a health facilities when he or she visit the hospital they will be attended to by the doctors or nurses for medical care which is affordable for everyone.

    Explaining further on health, he said: every child under the age of 5 is entitled to free medical treatment. Every family can visit the hospital without spending, he assured. 

    Thirdly we are to remove discrimination between the ethnicity, religious, age, gender and culture, we’re to understand each other no matter our differences, he said.

    El-Rufai said, the security and protection of lives is very vital to this administration, they’re to look at vulnerable people and make policy where everyone should be able to sleep with his or her two eyes without the fear of the unknown.

    Kaduna State is committed to this tasks with the support of Federal government to tackle poverty and anger across the state and the country at large through empowerment which is being created to meet the needs of children and our women, he stressed.

    The State Government is to ensure that resident’s enjoy the Social Protection Policy, he urged them to be honest in all their deliberations, while he wish them all the best.

    Source: New Nigerian


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