Crisis Brewing In FCT AUPCTRE As Chairman Is Accused Of Multiple Corruption


    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    FCT Chairman of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE), Mr. Aliyu Maradun, who is also an employee of the FCT Water  Board is allegedly enmeshed in multiple and separate cases of corruption; for  which he is being investigated by one of the nation’s anti-graft agencies.

    A statement signed by the Protem Chairman AUPCTRE FCT, Comrade Halidu Magaji said, “It is not out of place to exhume some filthy acts of Aliyu Maradun, the  Chairman of AUPCTRE FCT and Head of Major Consumer Unit FCT Water Board. 
    “This union leader after serving in the commercial department in that same position for almost a decade, it has been observed that his involvement in  sabotage and reconciliation has resorted to selfishly acquiring stupendous wealth for himself.”
    It pointed that, “If AUPCTRE as a renowned body desires to maintain a clean image before the  public in the quest to protect the name of the union, which might mean that  incidents of fraud and theft are ‘quietly’ dealt with and minimal punishment  meted, then a time bomb is at the brink of explosion! 

    “Because this practice would embolden some workers to steal while creating an unrealistic and false public image that rotten apples were in the first place employed in government and state-owned companies or parastatals.” 

     Magaji revealed that, “as Head of Major Consumers, Maradun reconciled some big public institutions, private hotels and large commercial centres which brought hundreds of millions to his private pocket.

    “Corporate corruption indulged in by the current FCT Chairman of AUPCTRE, has recently attracted increasing attention from his union and water board colleagues because of the staggering amount of monies in his banks and the quality and number of his properties. 

    “This is evident as shown in the following accounts of the union leader, a first-generation Bank in Wuse Abuja, a new-generation Bank in Kofan Ruwa Market Branch in Kano, and another old generation Bank; the  proceeds of corrupt enrichment that passed through these and other banks, where he is a joint signatory are mind boggling to say the least.”

     The statement alleged that with proceeds of corruption, “Maradun has flagrantly acquired numerous choice  properties. The expanse of choice properties he owns across the country is another issue that calls for concern for an employee of government. We shall  release pictures and title documents of lands, houses (completed/uncompleted)  and other investments in due course.

    “When members of a group or union exert excess trust on their leaders,  particularly without having any reliable control mechanisms in place, it becomes a very risky strategy; which has resulted to opportunistic behavior, greed, and  fraud as demonstrated by Mr. Aliyu Maradun, as he carelessly suspended the innocent Vice Chairman and Secretary of FCT Water Board Chapter simply because he felt they were in support of the uproar that erupted few weeks ago by aggrieved members of AUPCTRE, FCT Chapter, challenging his leadership.

    “Nevertheless, we wish to clearly remind him that our concern is about FCT AUPCTRE.From the above background we are asking the following questions: Is Maradun a business man? Are AUPCTRE FCT bank accounts, and those of the FCT Water Board Major Consumer Unit Maradun’s ATM?  

    “How long will it take the FCT Water Board management to suspend and clean up the Major Consumer Unit headed by this ‘saint’? What is the interest of workers in his ongoing charade with FCT Water Board Management? 

    “To enhance prudence, integrity and justice, we hereby call on Mr. Aliyu Maradun  to honorably resign and give way for proper investigation otherwise, his  continuous stay will suggest that he is hell-bent to destroy the mission and vision  of AUPCTRE and its good history of struggle. In addition, he should immediately reinstate those illegally suspended innocent members at FCT chapter,” it added.

    However, when contacted through his telephone number for balancing, Mr. Aliyu Maradun said, “I am hearing this for the first time, we just finished our State Governing Council Meeting in Kaduna and there was nothing like that and no anti-graft has invited me for any corruption case.”


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