CAMAC Sensitizes Kaduna Residents On Precautionary Measures To Curb Spread Of CoronaVirus


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    An NGO, Centre for Media Advocacy for Mother and Child (CAMAC), on Wednesday took to the streets of Kaduna city to sensitize the residents on precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic novel Corona virus.
    Speaking with journalists, Executive Director of the organisation, Alex Uangbaoje, said CAMAC deemed it necessary to come out and sensitize the people on the need to comply with government’s directives to stay at home and also to know some of the measures they need to take to curb the spread of the virus.
    The ED, who was represented by Christie Alex, Programme Officer of CAMAC, said the campaign was targeted at women and children who are the most vulnerable in the society.
     He said the sensitization became necessary following resistance because of some people who don’t believe that the virus is as close as it has become, because of some inaccurate information flying on social media.  
    “Although there are information of the deadly virus on the media, we deemed it fit to come out to the local people on the street, especially the women because a lot of persons still believe the virus is still very far away and most of the information flying on social media are not accurate.
    “Women and children tend to be easily exposed to this virus because as mothers go about sourcing for food for their family, they may come in contact with a carrier and thereby transmit it to their children. It is therefore important that they are aware of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the diseases.” He added.
     Alex noted that “the sensitization exercise was a success as people have been made aware of how serious, deadly, and close the Corona Virus is. Somany people were eager to collect the fliers and interact; asking questions, sharing their views and opinions on the virus.”
    Mrs Kezieah Emmanuel, a 35years old mother of two commends the organisation’s effort and prayed for a solution to be found soon, while admitting that the outbreak of the virus has no doubt drawn her closer to God and forced her into living a simple lifestyle again.
    “I sincerely commend CAMAC for this thoughtful gesture as it is really a necessity. I am a mother of two beautiful kids; 7 and 4 years respectively and I pray they find the cure to this virus soon because it has not been easy. 
    “I won’t deny that it has drawn me closer to God and has even forced me to start living a simple lifestyle again, but the responsibility of taking care of my home in this time of panic is really not an easy one.” She said
    Expressing concern over the virus, Ucheson Ajah, a businessman who was seen hawking hand sanitizers said he had to change his business to help the common man on the street like himself to stay protected from the virus.
    “I sell phones, and have always been at alert since the first record of the virus in Nigeria and when the first death was recorded, I knew we are in for something terrible. So, when we were asked to lock down our shops yesterday, I had to go into selling hand sanitizers pending when it will be safe for shops to open again.
    “We are selling these hand sanitizers to help the common men on the streets like myself because we buy at 450 naira and sell for 500 naira, while others sell the same product for 1500 naira.” He added
    However, Mr Chika Odili, another  Businessman said “Nigeria is not prepared for this. It’s such a shame because information reaching me said the test conduction to determine whether one has the virus or not can only be conducted in one place in Abuja.
    “It’s unfortunate that the common man is asked to go stay at home without provision of financial help or anything from the government”. He added.


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