COVID-19: Group Slams FG, Buhari Over Inadequate Management



    A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO). Oghenero Alakpodia Foundation (OAF) has slammed the Federal Government and President Muhammadu Buhari, for what they termed ‘incoherent approach’ in tackling the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria.

    The foundation faulted the government for the delay in closing down travel routes into the country resulting in an outbreak which they believe could have been averted.

    In a statement issued to newsmen on Sunday March 29, by the NGO, Comrade Oghenero Alakpodia, on behalf of the foudetion lamented that, “even now, the federal government was yet to set up isolation centres in every state across the country.

    In the same vein, while commending philanthropists who have made donations to help fight the virus,

    The foundation said, “we urged Nigerians to stay alive by adhering to the precautionary measures of hand washing, social distancing and isolation.

    Part of statement read, “the Federal Government cum Presidency have failed Nigerians in their most critical time of need. It is sad. We must establish our dissatisfaction with the FG for the slow and inadequate manner in tackling the covid-19 outbreak.

    “The FGs’ stay at home order was an aberration, considering the epileptic power supply and zero arrangements for basic necessities like food and drugs for daily survival.

    “Aside the Television Commercials by the FG, which should cost a fortune, what other preventive measures have they put in place to help the common masses in the fight against this covid-19?

    “Up till now, not many states in the countries can boast of standard isolation centers aside Lagos state.

    “The response number provided by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is as good as nothing considering the selective hospitality or no response victims get from them.

    “The complains are all over the media. The government has made it clear that the common man who is not rich or in government cannot survive the covid-19.” The statement read.


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