OGLABOT Chairman Okays Ogun Governor’s Decision On Closure Of Borders, Appeals To Citizens

Ogun State Border Town (OGLABOT) Chairman, Honourable Simeon Okeowo

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun announced that all borders to the state ( local and international) should be closed in a bid to fight against the Covid -19 epidemic that the nation is facing.

The border closure which is expected to take effect at 12 Midnight on Sunday, 29th March, 2020 and last for a minimum of two weeks has been faced  with diverse criticism and appraisal from citizens of the state. 

Ogun Lagos Border Town (OGLABOT) chairman, Hon Simeon Okeowo  said the government of Ogun State took the best decision at the best  time towards the safety of citizens in the state. 

Okeowo while addressing the press state that the rate at which the numbers of persons who tested positive for the virus is increasing in Lagos is alarming and if the border linking the state to Lagos is not closed , the high rate breakout of the virus in Ogun State is inevitable. 

In his words, he said , “there is a high number of mobility between Lagos and Ogun at border towns , and curling from international experience, unrestricted movement has been the most effective means if transmission, virus don’t move people do, and when people move they spread virus”.

Okeowo encouraged the border town residents to adhere to government directive and keep to health instructions by regularly washing of hands with soap and  water, maintaining social distance , use sanitizers and staying at home to avoid spread of the Virus.  

In his final words he admonished that all residents should stock their  homes with food and other necessary needs that will last them for 2-3 weeks to help them comply with directives and not be guilty of defying instructions.


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