Makinde Wants 10,000 Tested For CoronaVirus In Oyo State

    Governor Makinde of Oyo State

     OSENI YUSUF, Ibadan

    Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has expressed desire to see no fewer than 10,000 people are tested for Coronavirus in the state.

    Makinde said that the state must do this because it is the only way it can”stay ahead and curb spread of the virus.

    Makinde who recently recovered from CoronaVirus explained this while responding to questions on a popular radio programme” COVID-19 situation held earlier on Monday.

    “It was asymptomatic throughout, so without the test, I would not have known that I had COVID-19, this is the reason why we are advising on social distancing at this time as there may be people with the virus who are also not showing any symptoms.

    “It is also the reason why we push for a testing center in Ibadan so that we can test more people who may have come in contact with COVID-19 cases”, he said.

    He retirated that, he had already discussed with the Task Force team that the state must set a target to test close to 10,000.

    “If we are able to meet that target, we will be able to map the state correctly and we can wall-off communities if we see traces of the virus in those communities,” he stated.

    He also assured that his administration is currently working on palliatives for the people of the state, adding that efforts are under way to cut middlemen in the distribution so that those that need it are the ones who get it.

    He commended the efforts Professor Temitope Alonge who took over as the head of the Task Force while he was away for his commitment and dedication and other members of the committee for their cooperation during his absence.

    At the time of writing this report, the total number of confirmed cases by the NCDC in the country stands at 232 with five deaths. The cases in Oyo remain nine.


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