X-raying Jibrilla Bindow’s Unmatched Infrastructural Depth In Adamawa (Part One)

Road construction by Kaduna State Government under construction when journalists visited while on tour. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS


To any professional civil engineer, roads construction can be in categories due to the demographic or terrains nature of the area and this can determine the cost implications of the terms of agreement.
For example to construct a road from Dogire to Yola across the Chuchi valley which is a distance of about 1 kilometer will be more than a billion Naira due to the difficult terrain nature of the area and what will be used to make the road accessable. When comparing to a road from Mayo Belwa to Ganye which is about 30 kilometers long, the later will be less in terms of Monetary value despite sharp differences in kilometers distance.
A certified engineer will also tell you that a trunk ‘A’ road with bridges and difficult terrain, culverts and drainage cannot be the same in contract sum amount with a trunk ‘B’ which does not have any bridge to construct, no drainage to make. It is as good to say roads have different specifications for different type and use of the roads. A trip round Yola of road contracts awarded by the Bindow-led administration either it meets the specified standard, sources revealed by Triacta, one of the construction company in the state said: “The contract given to them meet highest grade of pavement, it meet the standard for the high traffic volume roads, the highest grade of pavement for vehicular road in Nigeria is 20cm stone base or very good laterite base, 6cm bituminous binder course or surface dressing and 5cm asphalt wearing on it, which is within the specification of the requirements of a tender/bidder by the state government.”
Comparing the efforts of the then Adamawa State Governor, under Senator Mohammdu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow regime in making sure that all towns and villages in the state are well networked with good township roads. One will certainly be convinced that Bindow meant business to work for the people of Adamawa not minding the bad whistling noise of his Political enemies. Verified documents made available  to our reporter, the Army Barracks Road –Mayoinne-Mayobelwa which is a 45.5km road was awarded to PW construction company in 15-01- 2013 at the total contract sum of N6,365,729,373.11</strong> billion without the Mayoinne bridge, and on the same road, the Mayoinne Bridge was also awarded to the same company same year at an additional cost of N3,277,439,204.01</strong> bringing the total contract sum of the work and the bridge to <strong>N9.6 billion. It was given when the dollar exchange rate was N140 to a Dollar and the cost of Diesel is about N100 per liter. Over N3.3 billion was paid to PW Construction Company on the bridge and the road but later abandoned site of work for unknown reasons.
At the initial contract awarded,Nyako’s Administration in 2013 constructed a road per kilometer at the cost of 139,906,140.07 when the exchange rate of naira Was 140 to a dollar and Diesel was sold at the cost price of 100 Naira per litre.
Comparing Army Barracks Road with Kiri/Shelleng road which is having the same standard, the same scope of work having 37.5km run and was awarded to Triacta construction company by the Bindow’s led government at the total cost of N3,287,798,242.78</strong> on 15th June,2016 it is indeed a big kudos to Gov. Bindow ‘s administration despite the economic recession. Dollar was the main purchasing power for procuring equipments and materials used in any construction company of standard at that time, therefore dollar was the direct currency used, at that time the exchange rate of a dollar was around N450 Naira per a dollar, while diesel was selling at N203 Naira per litre and a bag of cement was sold at the cost of N2,250 per bag.
In 2016 when the exchange rate of a dollar to a naira was 450,the Administration of Governor Jibrilla constructed a road per kilometer at the cost of 88,859,411.97 while a liter of Diesel was selling at the cost of N203.
To get it clearly when you Check out the differences between 9.6 billion Naira and 3.2 billion considering the basic indices that is, the dollar exchange rate, the date the contract was awarded one will realized the Sharp differences in the award of contracts between Bindow’s led government and the previous administrations.
Examining another close example justifying Bindow’s administration was nested in high level of financial frugality was the awarding of Atiku Abubakar way, phase 1 on the 20th March, 2006 from Doubeli Bypass to Gimba Junction. The 1.9km dual carriageway was awarded to Julius Berger at the cost of<strong> N1, 044,836,040.88 Billion Naira on the 20th march, 2006 when basic prices of materials are considerably cheaper. As at 20th March, 2006 a bag of cement cost N775, diesel per litre was selling N52 and the Dollar exchange rate was less than N100 Naira, indicating that 1 kilometer of the dual carriage way was constructed at cost of N549.9 Million. The 1.5 km phase 2 of the same Atiku Abubakar way which is from Gimba Junction to Police roundabout that will include storm water drainages, as at 26th July, 2016 Governor Bindow awarded the contract to Triacta construction company at the cost of N585, 543,563.93</strong> Million Naira. The present basics construction indices is showing that: A bag of cement at the moment is costing about N2,250 Naira, while a litre of diesel was at the rate ofN203 per litre and the current dollar exchange rate to a Naira was around N450 Naira.By way of analysis one kilometer of the dual carriage way was constructed at the cost of N390.9 Million Naira.
Checking out the differences between 9.6 billion Naira and N3.2 billion Naira in 2013/2016, with N1.04 billion and N585million in 2006/2016. Putting in the basic indices, the dollar exchange rate, the date the contract was awarded the record will be clear for one to realised that there is a Sharp differences and transparency in the award of contracts by Bindow’s government and the previous administrations .
Let’s look at another close road contract awarded to R&B construction company in 2014 to rehabilitate a 2 KM single carriagewa of Bauchi-zaranda Street at the cost of N988,885,632.52. While the rehabilitation of 6.1KM dual carriageway including 3.5KM of new drainages leading to Justice Buba Ardo-Galadima Aminu way -PZ Roundabout-Jambutu bypass was duelly done at the cost ofN693million by the Bindow’s led administration. Common sense will convince one, Contracts awarded by Gov. Bindow was much cheaper than other previous administrations even when the country’s economy status was in deep recession (Inflation). This is to bring in our mind that a leader (Bindow) exemplifies integrity, transparency, honesty, and trust, in his willingness to communicate his good style of Administration to the people of Adamawa, even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular to his enemies provided it will educate the people he was called to serve for.
The three months of Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as the acting Governor of Adamawa state,he awarded the 4.17 construction of some roads network in Malamre to PW Nig Ltd in 19-08-14 at the total cost of 1,098,365,120.66 when a dollar was 140 to a Naira the computation will reveal that a kilometer during Fintiri’s Government was done at the cost of <strong>263,396,911.43
In April,14 Governor Fintiri while on acting capacity reconstructed a five roads and storm water drain in Yola,the state capital. The 10.40 kilometers road was given to Raycon & co.Nig Ltd at the contract sum of 2,190,566,362.69</strong> and a kilometer was reconstructed at the cost of 210,631,381.3</strong>. This is when dollar can be exchanged at 140 and Diesel is sold at 100 naira per litre.
In comparison to the Administration of Sen Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow who on 11-07-2016 awarded the construction of Girei-Pariya-Wuro Bokki with a spur to Bagale phase 1,at surace dress wearing course. The 27.25 kilometers was given to Raycon & co.Nig Ltd at the contract Sum of 4,455,320,492.68.The cost per kilometer of this work was done at 163,497,999.73 when dollar was to a Naira 450.
Also in 12-02-2016 Bindow was awarded a 5.75 kilometers rehabilitation of Galadima Aminu way, Justice Buba Ardo road and dual carriage way linking PZ Roundabout and Jambutu to Triacta Nig Ltd at the contract Sum of 693,653,154.30. The simple subraction Arithmetic will be 120,635,331.18</strong> a kilometer was rehabilitated during the Economy meltdown.
This is worthy of note that apart from the wide gap in exchange rate of Dollar, there are also significant variance in the cost of key construction materials such as Diesel, bitumen, reinforcement and cement.
Having the courage to speak up for the right of people when his point of view is totally at odds with the perspective of people some regarded as Political foes. His supporter,Barr Wali Yakubu said Bindow ran a transperant government, plain to people because is their right to know what they are getting, bend towards what people exactly wants him to do in Adamawa state. Making sure he earns their trust at all levels.

….to be continued
Tom Garba sent  this in from Yola, Adamawa State08030525759


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