Group Seeks Establishment Of COVID-19 Testing Centre In Delta



Coalition of Civil Society Organizations group (CSOs) has called on the Delta State Government to establish a COVID -19 testing centre in the State.

The group said Delta State should establish a testing centre to help save lives of any COVID-19 case.

In a statement signed by the co-chairmen, Comrade Ibebe Akpobome, during the launch of the Delta State Civil Society/Media COVID-19 Situation Room in Warri Delta State.

The group said, “it seeks to intervene in the monitoring and reporting of activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic within the state.

“We urged agencies, including the NCDC, the National Orientation Agency, the Nigeria Police Force, the Delta state Ministry of health, involved in the fight against the spread of the virus to collaborate and fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

“Deltans seem not to have grasped the gravity of the global pandemic, they failed to practice social distancing in markets and other public places.

“The policies introduced by the federal and state government since the Coronavirus outbreak have had “deleterious effect on the livelihoods” of Nigerians.

“The Situation Room will work closely with government agencies to combat the pandemic in the state and address livelihood and human rights issues during the period of emergency.

“Part of its tasks include monitoring of the impacts of COVID-19 on health and human rights of residents, compliance level and expenditure of funds, as well as other appropriations made to tackle the spread.

“There is the need for more sensitization to the people.

“Delta State as at this moment, does not have a Testing Centre. It is expected that by now, the State should have a Testing Centre in place while awaiting for  the one the Federal Government has promised to set up in each State of the federation.

“As government maintains its established food bank as well as the distribution of food items to the people of the state, there is urgent need to ensure that the items being distributed get to the vulnerable citizens without any form of discrimination.

“There is this need for government to monitor closely, the activities of security officers to curb excesses. Efforts should be made to establish more isolation, holding centres and at least, a testing facility in Delta State, the statement said”.

The statement was signed by the co-chairmen, Comrade Ibebe Akpobome, (Youth Emancipation Movement of Africa), Bonny Akaeze, (Foundation for Non-Violent Social change); joint secretaries, Joshua Ghereje, (Social Action) and Emmanuel Agbubi, (Civil Right Council) and spokesperson, Victor Ochie (Young Nigerian Rights Organization).


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