Umahi Suspends More Appointees

    Governor Umahi


    Following to what was described as negligence, Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has to n Monday suspended all Development Centre Coordinators in Afikpo North and Ivo LGAs for absconding from duty posts. 

    The Governor who frowned at the level of negligent on side of some of his Appointees in the fight against COVID-19, also directed LGA Chairmen to account for the N15m given to them, and that the Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of Ministry of LGA to work for a month without pay. 

    He threatened to suspend more Appointees if they continuously allow people to pass boarder areas against his directives.

    The governor’s WhatsApp message reads thus; “What I saw yesterday at Ivo LGA last night has left me worried about our honesty in doing this job. Between 6.30 pm to 12 mid night I entered Afikpo North and moved to Ivo, I was so much disappointed”.

    “In Ivo, I arrested over ten passenger vehicles with over 50 passengers coming from Abia, Ph and Lagos. Those on the road took bribes and allowed them to pass. I had no option than to arrest those who were said to be doing the work but were only there taking bribe and they are already at the holding centre in Abakaliki.

    ” No presence of town union in those locations . No monitoring by the LGA commissioner or LGA Chairmen or Coordinators or Commissioner for security. Is a shame.

    “In Ohaozara, I observed that good work took place in the day but at night only the army in one location only and local boys stayed. No building of shades in all LGA for security. LGA commissioner is hereby directed to account to me before Wednesday morning the expenditures of 15m released to each LGA chairmen for this pandemic . 

    “I must definitely see if I can raise boys in each of the 140 communities to do this job and then review all appointments inline with those who can help in this fight to save our people.

    “I am still so depressed with the commitment of our security agencies despite my efforts in paying allowances. I have no solution to this but God is a life. Never seen this kind of compromise in my life not considering the danger of this pandemic .

    “I am now directing all political appointees especially exco members to move and secure their communities. I am so much worried. If we do not try to contain this pandemic at this stage, our people will be in danger. This is the reason God brought us up in this regard.

    “All coordinators in Afikpo North and Ivo LGA are hereby suspended from office effective 10/5/2020. They must handover to member one in their development centres including vehicles . All political appointees from these two LGAs are to remain on half salary until normalcy is returned including all traditional rulers from Afikpo North and Ivo LGA. Commissioner for LGA and perm SEC LGA are to serve one month working suspension without salaries and if there is no improvement in the running of LGA, they will be removed.

    “The chairman and leadership of town union in Ebonyi state is hereby suspended. I will dissolve all town union this month if situation does not improve. Any state health worker that fails to be on his or her duty post from today will loose his or her job. I will do more in days to come to secure the lives of our people.

    “I surely do appreciate some chairmen and coordinators who made a difference. I assure my people that govt leaders as led by me your governor are at the front line for the safety of the lives of our people. Thanks. Your Governor”


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