Delta Community Decries 8 Years Absence Of Light, Calls For Govt Assistance

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State


Aviara Kingdom in Isoko South Local Government Council Area of Delta State, has decried eight years of absence of electricity in the Holy kingdom which had so many political bigwigs.

Residents of Aviara kingdom said, that the Aviara kingdom which has seven sub communities namely; Araya, Okpawha, Ewho-kpaka, Edherie, Aberuo, Okpare and Ukpude under it, had it first electrical power in 1996, which was connected to the main electrical grid at Irri passing through Oyede and Bethel towns covering over 30km.

But has faced total power outage for the past eight years as a result of the long distance and lack of maintenance of the power lines, cables vandalized, as well as many of the electricity poles broken or pull down.

This was contained in a letter issued to the Delta State Governor, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa signed by the President General of Aviara Federal Union, Mr Counselor Umulor, Secretary General, Mr Benson Aluya Onosowho and Chief Edwin Egboro, Odiologbo of Aviara kingdom, dated 13 February 2020 with titled “EXTENSION OF ELECTRICITY FROM IRRI TO AVIARA COMMUNITIES IN ISOKO SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT”.

According to the letter, “We humbly draw your attention to the unending power outage that has existed in Aviara communities for the past 8 and still running. Aviara Ward 3 had been connected to the main electrical grid at Irri passing through Oyede and Bethel towns covering over 30km. During this past decade and all through this distance for lack of maintenance of the lines, the cables have been stolen and vandalized and many of the electricity poles broken or pull down.

“In a frantic effort for Aviara communities to be directly connected to the main grid at Irri through her short distance of about 7km, an alternative phase was embarked upon in 2016. After having covered about 2km with the erection of electricity poles and cables, the project has once more been abandoned to the mercy of thieves and vandals since 2017, apparently plunging Aviara communities into perpetual darkness, the end of which we cannot see in view.

“It is therefore, our earnest plea Sir, that you use your good office in your known proactive nature, to make the Delta State Government take over the project so that Aviara communities can once again be lighted up to enable indigenes and locals key into the State’s Smart Agenda with its associated influx of enormous social, business and economic activities and attendant benefits”.

In a related development, spirited sons and daughters of the kingdom took protest of Aviara needs light to social media with placards bearing various inscriptions such as; ” Aviara needs light, Aviara is tired of failed promises, light up Aviara again, Light is life, Aviara deserves to live. Give us light. The years of darkness are gone, give Aviara light, Darkness cannot be the reward for Sokoto votes,  light up Aviara” among others.

Speaking with this reporter, Mr Abroad Omodeka, an indigene of Aviara community, said, “The state of the total darkness in Aviara clan for years is so worrisome. We have what it takes to have light just like other towns and clans in Isoko Nation but it is unfortunate we found ourselves in this pitiable state. Our children born 7 year ago did not know what is electricity without noise from the generating set.

“We have been cut off from the world. Our farms produces couldn’t be preserved, school children cannot read, businesses that rely on electricity have fold up, etc. The migration of the youth to neighborhring towns and cities with electricity is on the high side, whereas, promises had been made during electioneering period to be connected to the main grid yet, no light in Aviara till date.

“Aviara that is known for large numbers of registered voters where all politicians bank on for  huge votes “SOKOTO VOTES” has been neglected. We are calling on the Government from Federal to State and spiritual sons and daughters of Isoko Nation to rescue Aviara clan from this ugly situation.” He said.


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