Ohanaeze Youth Council Proposes Bill On Sustaining Igbo Language, Culture



    In a way to salvage the almost decayed igbo culture and tradition, Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC) ,a youth wing of Igbo apex socio-cultural Organization led by Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka has challenged all the states House of Assemblys’ of Igbo extraction to quickly pass a bill on cultural promotion into law.
    This is following a release made available to the public by the Senior Special Assistant to the National president on Public Enlightenment, Comrade Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy, over the weekend at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital, the National president Ohaneze Youth Council, Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka said the only way to salvage the fast fading culture of the people which was ochestrated by the misconception that Igbo land is landlocked is by the people to think back home.
    The National president lauded Igbo sons and daughters at home and in diaspora for their great feats as he said they have made the people proud in all spheres of life.
    He, however, bemoaned that Igbo people remain the only race in the world that has not collectively defined their destination despite their universal developmental contributions, and revealed that investigation conducted recently proved that over 500 Medical Doctors are working in America,while over 7000 nurses in America are Igbos both male and female. 
    “Igbos are doing great, making exploits in another man’s land while their home lies in ruin. Remember that the Jews has gone back home, Israel is now land where men dream to be, a land of assurance”.
    “American have made Igbo to feel at home,for me;America has made Igbos to forget their homes, think home my people”.
    “After the civil war in 1970 there became high rate of human capital flight among Igbos in Nigeria. The hunger to survive increased,but from a very wrong dimension. This wrong dimension is from the conceptualization that they cannot make it in their land which later grown to the believe that Igbo land is landlocked”.
    “Today, in every family of five in Igbo land,three persons must be living outside igbo land. But another shocking fact is, there are over 40% of Igbo families that are living outside igbo land”
    He explained that passing the bill on cultural promotion into a law would involves: (a)making Igbo language a compulsory subject to gain admission into tertiary institution in all the states of Igbo extraction.
    (b) That one must credit Igbo language before gaining any job in both government and private firms in igbo land. (c) That the following subjects should be introduced in the Educational system: (1) Primary school and secondary 
    (i)Igbo History and Religion.(ii). Basic igbo Science and Herbs(iii) Igbo arts and crafts
    (2) Tertiary Institution:(i) Igbo 101-Igbo Linguistics and Phonetics (ii) Igbo 201-Igbo Accent and Media History(iii) Igbo 301-Igbo Poem,Prose and Drama.(iv) Igbo 401-Igbo Modern Science, which according to Comrade Igboayaka are the most efficient and efficient means of culturalization of the people values and norms that would sustain her culture, tradition, language and restore the lost value system in Igbo land.
    The Igbo apex socio-cultural group leader, Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka advised Igbo sons and daughters in diaspora to think home, noting that the people have contributed in building every part of the world but quired why they ignored their own home land, thereby, forget the common dictum that says”aku ruo ulo amara onye kpara ya”.
    “Igbo built Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna,Kano, Jos, Ilorin, Ibadan, Sokoto, et.c and the breath in terms of structural development and business in many Africa countries was done by Igbos”.
    Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka noted “After the Jews locust,there was a burning zeal for Israelites to trace back home to build a place they would call their homes. In Igbo land, no matter how mighty or great a man can be, if he doesn’t have a home in his home land;he is seen as Efulefu or Ofogori man”. He said
    He described the Celebration of Igbo cultural day in another man’s land as waste of funds, a jamboree, as such has continued to promote influx of Western culture into the peoples’ original way of life and endanger the root of the igbo culture and tradition which if not control would highly affect generation yet unborn.
    He stressed that “Many Igbos celebrate Igbo cultural day in America, Spain,United Kingdom, Japan,Canada which is very laughable. It’s only a foolish man that thinks he can promote his culture in another man’s land. So, what our people do is a mere “Social gathering”, you can only promote culture and tradition from the origin or source of the culture and tradition”. He added.Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka therefore, urged State house of Assembly of Igbo extraction to swing into Action by enact the above bill into law”.he said


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