COVID-19 Palliatives: Beware Of Fraudsters, Umahi’s Security Aide warns Abakaliki Residents



    Following the rise in cases of different strategies adopted by some unscrupulous elements who dupe innocent public by calling them on phone claiming to be agents sent by Federal government to distribute palliative materials to cushion effect of the deadly CoronaVirus, yhe Special Assistant to the Governor on Security and Utility capital city, Abakaliki, Hon. Nchekwube Anakor at the weekend warned residents of the metropolis to be wary of such .
    The Security aide while briefing our reporter on different tricks employed by the fraudsters, said that the faceless criminals have devised new ways of tricking people into giving them their bank details but noted that his office has concluded plan to search from house to house in effort to rid criminal out of the state.

    He said, his office would beam up their investigations to hospitals, pointing that many patients have died in some hospitals due to the carelessness of the doctors treating them.

    He maintained that his office has determined to embark on such campaign to rid of crimes and criminalities within the state and enumerated some practices already adopted by people threatening the security of life and property, and however, pledged his office’s commitment to fight the abnormalities to the root to ensure a free crime society thrives.

    According to him: “When you have a job, you developed a passion for it. I did not learn differently, but everyday, I keep on doing my best to ensure people in the city go their normal business without being faced by any security threat.
    “But I must tell you that security is a very big challenge. Insecurity like in a metropolitan city, such as Abakaliki, is not just easy. You know every urban, do have immigration. Some come with investment, because they are investors and some come with their hungry stomach, some came with their Indea-helms, some with their cocaine, these are obtainable in any metropolitan city.
    “People come in their cronies, and controling these people is a very big challenge. Last time, I got information about amusement parks, I went and met with forty three youths, between the age of fifteen and twenty one. They just migrated into the town, I asked, from where? I saw the Yoruba, the Hausa, Anambra, Enugu and so and so forth.
    “First question, I asked them was, where will you house yourself? What provision have you made for yourself? They said there is none then. They don’t have a place to sleep and nothing to it.
    “How are you going to survive? So, you are trying to create nuisance in this city? Because if your hungry stomach goes one or two days, the following day, you begin to think how to save yourself. And since you don’t have any job, is to involve yourself in any criminal activity in the state.
    “I am not trying to tackle security but to uproot it because everything has a cromozone from the beginning. There are some activities people will be indulging, they won’t know where these activities can lead them to, in next six months, one year and above if it develops. Criminal act develops, for instance, using Indea-helms smoking. Somebody will start smoking cigarettes from cigarettes, his peer group will tell him that his head is not strong, he tries Indea-helms and from Indea-helms, he graduates to cocaine, and to sustain cocaine is not easy. Next thing is to use gun for the money. So, everything has its developmental stage.
    “Before the outbreak of COVID-19, last year, I moved from school to school sensitizing students to desist from act of cultism. The essence of the campaign against cultism is to catch them young so that the society will be a better place to live. There are ways of life our youth see as normal. They see it as our norms.But we have to start telling them this is good and this is bad.
    “Another important thing is our value system. I try to look at the younger ones to change their value systems. Sometimes, I led a drive on those who tint their hairs. I started using scissor to cut it. When I asked them, why they tint their hairs? Tinting your hairs means alot, it shows you have a dream. If you have a dream, which kind of dream do you have? Is the dream having a positive or negative tendencies to the society?”.
    “Okay, a young boy who has nothing doing is riding a costly sports utility vehicle. Where did he get the money? Can he make it? He tint his hairs, plates his hairs, I know it is not easy but I am doing all I can to rid this capital city of criminal elements and I am not stopping there. I am going to start in a short time, house to house campaign against crimes and criminalities. Just like we campaign during elections, we will carry out the programme because it is not the wish of His Excellency, to see Ebonyi people in the prison. But if you can make a change it will be a better thing for you and for the welbing of the society.
    “We need to prepare for those people we are going to handover the leadership of this state. I know one day, this administration will hand over, and if we don’t prepare them, we cannot get it right.
    “Like one man called me recently. There are people who will come and knock at your gate, claiming to be the Federal government team in charge of COVID-19 pallatives. So the man called me immediately he had this encounter, I told the man, tell them, that you are interested, that I am coming. I rushed immediately. Within three minutes, I was there. Luckly, I was closer, and I arrested them. I asked them, from which government my brother, that I was interested. He said, Ebonyi, he changed and said, it is a federal government. I demanded their identity cards. They couldn’t, I arrested and handed them over to Police. So, the information I gave help alot of people. I like preparing our minds, physically and psychologicallyon what to do at a certain security situation. We need to be security conscious. We should not live a porous life. If want to cross roads, you look left and right and left again, that shows you are security conscious. If you want to eat, you must it the food you it.
    “We are about to move to hospitals and investigate carelessness of some doctors. Many patients have died because one doctor or the other don’t care about the patients in the hospital. To fight crimes and criminalities, we must search houses, and all the hospitals. This is a security iniative too. Because, security is all about life and property of people. We are still at the developmental stage. By the time, we have developed every citizen of this state will know his rights and the wrongs.
    “Plaiting of hairs, sagging, these are psychologically characters, when you see it you know it is developing to somewhere. These tinting of hairs, plating of hairs, I know some footballers, musicians are use to them; not a little boy, still depending on mama thank you. These little boys practicing tinting of hairs, sagging and plating of hairs and many others we have to know the reason behind the practices. I look people’s dress code. There are some dress code, I normal stop and search in such codes. In that process, we have fish out many criminals.
    “It is also a good idea telling landlord and residents to clean any controversial write ups on their buildings. Any advert that looks suspicious and deceptive should be cleaned.”he said


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