2023: Igbo Presidency, Solution To Economic Quagmire – PDP Chairman



    The Chairman, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Ebonyi state, Barr.Onyekachi Nwebonyi has called on Nigerians to keep aside sentiment and ethnicity if Nigerians actually want to fix the problem of leadership and underdevelopment as a country.

    He made this known to newsmen in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital, noting that Igbo presidency is the solution to current Nigeria economic quagmire.

    He said, it is high time Nigerians shun and vote out incompetent politicians and those who has nothing to offer but want to be voted into different political offices simply because they come from a particular ethic group, noting that it is the cause of Nigeria’s set back in the country’s GDP.

    Nwebonyi advocated for a young and more vibrant President devoid of his ethnicity, adding that an Igbo Presidency ticket can help Nigeria economy to rise again.

    He said the Ebonyi state Governor David Umahi if giving the opportunity to preside over the affairs of Nigeria within two years Nigeria would transform and fix infrastructural decay, because he has the technical konw how and experience.

    The State party Chairman hinted that with Governor Umahi’s Political dexteriy, if voted into power, would connect the six geopolitical zones with railways because plans are already on ground.

    In his word “Generally I will tell you that as a party PDP are united, very strong indivisible family all over the nation and you will agree with me because there is no state in Nigeria where we have any form of leadership tussle unlike our brother, the APC, you can see that their house is in disarray.”

    “Coming to Zoning in Presidency, as it supoose, we have our constitution and our guidelines that guides our convention because it is in the course of our National convention that a candidate in our party will normally emerge and I believe that before then National Working Committee will meet and the issue of zoning will be revisited. But it is a known fact that we have zoning in our constitution and also in our electoral guidelines and I believe that PDP is a party that is anchored on rule of law. We do observe provision of constitution vividly any time we want to embark on any assignment.”

    “I believe that the issue of zoning will not be a problem but like have always said as a Nation if we must get it right it is high time we go for the best. We have to keep aside sentiment and ethnicity if we must develop as a Nation because that is the cause of our set back. In a situation where somebody who has nothing to offer will be voted into any office that he has no idea as to how thing work simply because he comes from one ethic group or the other. It is telling on us as a country.”

    “You can see the problem we are facing today as a country. Even the unborn child in his mother’s womb is feeling the pains we are having as a country. People are been killed on daily basis. Just few days ago about 20 persons were killed in Kogi state and about 14 persons were killed in Kastina.”
    “And on daily basis you wake up to hear even more frightening news all over the Nation it appears as if the government of the day is not actually meeting up with the demands of the present time. What am I trying g to say, as a country we should look for a young and more vibrant President devoid of his ethnicity. If any Igbo man can help Nigeria raise, why can’t we try an Igbo man.”“I believe strongly that solution to our problem will come from an Igbo man, why do I say so; Igbo man has what it takes, he is a business minded man, he knows how to turn 1 naria to 2 naria, Igbo man is accommodating, Igbo man is educated, Igbo man is intelligent, Igbo man is smart, these and more are qualities of a leader that can take our country Nigeria from where we are to the greater height. Because we are in the pit of hell now whether you like it or not, Nigeria is going down on daily basis”he added“What is our GDP nkw, look at it when PDP was in power, look at the cost of goods, inflation is on the rise sky rocketing on daily bases, insecurity is on the rise, unemployment is on the rise. I can tell you since graduated since 2004-2005. Most of my mate that left school the same year in the university are yet to get job they are still unemployed. Since 14 years ago and Nigeria is now forty something yeads”“You can see dreams deying, you can see destiny deying and we call ourselves a Nation what type of Nation, it is a hopeless Narion. So I want to USD the medium call on Nigeria Youths because the power belong to us. We should shun be used by this selfish politians if we can get a President from Southeast who can created Jobs for the youths in the north both to the Almajaries to the Book Harams for everybody why can’t we support him. So let us get it right and the solution is here in Ebonyi state. Governor Umahi if giving the opportunity to preside over the affairs of this country within two years Nigeria will transform and see the difference, he will fix the infrastructural decay, he has the technical konw how, he has the experience, he has the vision and he has the passion for the job. If we must get it right let’s try somebody like this man “Governor Umahi” because I have worked with him, I have observed him from afar he is a genus and a rare gem, he is somebody to pattern with and I want to tell Nigerians if given the opportunity in two years Governor Umahi will connect the six geopolitical zones railways.”
    “The plans are already on ground. As you can see you can’t derive smoothly from here to Abuja the capital territory, while from Kogi to Enugu is a no go area and this is the major road leading to Southeast to the capital territory.


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