CSOs Warn Against Alleged Plot To Destroy National Security



    The Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Defence For National Security have alleged plot by some Nigerians to destabilize the national security, because of their hatred for President Muhammadu Buhari.

    It urged Nigerians not to abuse the freedom of expression to pull down the country.

    The convener of the group, Comrade Joe Mesele, who made this call during a solidarity march at the unity fountain Friday in Abuja, urged Nigerians to be patriotic and desist from reckless comments for the sake of peace and development of Nigeria.

    According to Mesele, the Muhammadu Buhari Administration is winning the war against insecurity and all is needed is for Nigerias to accord the security agencies due support.

    He also said the Service Chiefs are not the problem of the security situation in the country and therefore should not be replaced.

    “They just want to destabilise our national security and consequently destroy Nigeria because of their hatred for Buhari. To these group of people we want to remind them that Mr. President’s tenure is just three years but Nigeria remains till God calls. So will you because of three years pull down the nation on all of us? We have heard some Governors and individuals making reckless statements, some even treasonable. Yes we know and support freedom of expression which is paramount but will you in the name of freedom of expression destroy the nation that gave you an identity?”

    He said those on trial are the double-dealing political, religious and ethnic jingoists who were hell bent in destroying the national security fabric to advance their selfish interests.

    The convener called on government and the military high command to look into every issue that might brew discontent within the ranks to ensure that enemies of the state will not infiltrate our cherished institution.

    “We also believe that our dear country Nigeria has remained a strong, progressive, one indivisible nation on account of the resilience, commitment, loyalty and sacrifice of our indefatigable security agencies who are working day and night to defend and protect us from those who are intent on putting a wedge to our peace and progress as a people.

    “We the citizens of this nation will continue to hold dear and take pride in our ever gallant military. We also have dearly in our minds, the dedicated roles being played by our police force and other security and response agencies in the country who, against all odds, are working assiduously and courageously to keep us safe and protected from sundry security challenges.

    “Sadly, more than Boko Haram, militants and Bandits, the heaviest price our gallant officers and men are made to bear of late is the sustained unconscionable vilification orchestrated by unpatriotic politicians and mischievous interest groups. To this set of Nigerians, not even matters of national security or the corporate existence of the country, can be spared their negative politics or religious bigotry.”


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