Middle Belt Deserves Recognition – CMBV


    *condemns Southern Kaduna killings

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Chairperson of the foremost Middle Belt Group, Core Middle Belt Values (CMBV), Mrs Christie Oyine Omar has given an insight as to why the group was set up and it’s workings.

    Mrs.Oyine Omar who spoke exclusively to a team of journalists said that the major aims of the group is to unite all Middle Belters irrespective of their religions, States or culture.

    She also explained that the Core Middle Belt Value seeks to give a voice to Middle Belt where ever they maybe while pursing with vigour the recognition of the Middle Belt as a region.

    “The Core Middle Belt Value which I am the chairperson was set up about 7 years ago with the aim of bringing together all Middle Belters whether they are Christians, Muslims or animists.

    “Some of the aims of the founding fathers of the CMBV, as it is also called, include giving a voice to people from the Middle Belt and to make sure that the Middle Belt region is constitutionally recognised.

    “In order to achieve our aims, we are having consultation with lawmakers from across the region at both the state and national levels to see that the Middle Belt Region comes to fruition.

    On the issue of the Middle Belt being exclusively for Northern Christians as speculated by many people, the Middle Belt strong woman said.

    “The Middle Belt region is not the exclusive preserve of any religion.

     “I come from a Moslem background, my late husband was till his death a Moslem”.

    Our region is the melting point of all religious affiliations. We have pagans, we have Christians and Moslems living together without any problem.

    She added that, “All the ethnic and religious crises that we are witnessing today in our region is caused by external factors”.

    She further added that most Middle Belters are peaceful and desire to live in peace with their neighbours.

    Mrs Oyine also condemned the recent killings in Southern Parts of Kaduna as senseless and horrible adding that it is the duty of both the Local, State and Federal Governments to see that lives and properties of all citizens of the state be preserved. 

    Oyine went on further to blame the state and federal governments for failing to halt the crisis in Southern Kaduna saying that rather than tackle the cause of the crisis , the two tiers of government choose to engage in making excuses for the killers.

    “Let me reiterate that the recent killings in Southern Kaduna is senseless and the highest form of man’s inhumanity to man.

    “It is the duty of the local, state and federal governments to make sure all the citizens are well secured and their properties too.

    “Personally for me, it is a sign of failure on the part of the government for herdsmen to beat all the security checks and then attack Middle Belters in Southern Kaduna. 

    “It also very appalling that the government would choose to give reasons for attacks rather than seek peace and seek to prosecute the aggressors.”

    Mrs Oyine, who is popularly referred to as the strong woman of the Middle Belt, added that if the killings of Middle Belters and other Nigerians persists, the CMBV would have no other option but to seek the intervention of organizations like the International Criminal Court, ICC and Amnesty International.


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