Niger 2023: Nupe Youth Forum Endorses Malagi For Governor



    As politicians strategize behind closed doors on best and favourable course of action ahead 2023 General Elections, Nupe Youth Forum which comprises natives of Nupe both resident and non-resident in Niger State have called on Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi to contest as governor of the state in 2023 elections. 

    Chairman of the forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmadu in a chat with newsmen said Malagi stands out from other personalities in the state through his numerous philanthropic assistance to indigenes of the state which according to him, has gone a long way to adding value on education and socioeconomic lives of Niger people.

    Ahmadu listed award of scholarships to less privileged children to further their education, youth and women empowerment, financial assistance to the needy and the poor among other philanthropic activities as reasons this forum is clamouring for Malagi as governor of Niger State in 2023.

    He said Niger also known as Power State would benefit from kind-hearted and compassionate persona of Malagi whom he described as a very generous man whose doors he stressed, are always open to receive people, listen to their  problems and proffering solutions to them.

    “It is high time Nigerlites give true leaders with human kindness at hearts the chance to lead them particularly at state level.

    “The state has been suffering deficit in governance because past and present Governors had not been close to their subjects to know what their problems and immediate needs are.

    “We believe in Malagi’s sincerity, uprightness and trustworthiness which are rare attributes our contemporary politicians lack, resulting in their nonchalant attitude towards the  plight of  the electorate who are yearning for true leaders to hear and solve their socioeconomic and governance based challenges.

    “Leadership is all about giving back to the society through assisting people who genuinely need help so that they will become useful and productive members of the society who would also , in return render service to others to make it a continuous cycle for the overall benefit of the larger society. ” Ahmadu said.

    He added that Malagi had distinguished himself through hardwork, sacrifice and commitments to welfare of his people.

    He stated foresight, problem solving abilities and dynamism among others as some leadership qualities he said Malagi posses, which have made him a Governorship material, urging the people in the state to support the businessman and philanthropist in becoming their Governor in 2023.


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