Polls: Oka Says Stevie Ozono Is Credible Choice For Edo



    As the choice of who governs Edo State becomes more narrowed down, the main player in the game has emerged, according to the Ozono Campaign Team.

    The campaign team argued that the business and astute entrepreneur is clearly the man to beat.

    “With the two main parties’ candidates robed in corruption allegations or certificate issues and against the backdrop of the disaffection of the electorates with the PDP and APC, the National Rescue Movement, NRM candidate, Ozono resonates high with Edo electorates”.

    Speaking to a team of journalists in Aduwawa, Benin on Monday, Pastor Shedrach Oka said that the NRM candidate for the September 19 Edo Elections would put to work his experiences in the Creative Industry, Cryptosystem, Entertainment industry and create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Edo youth.

    Oka said, “We shall be leveraging on Ozono’s business experiences to create world class entertainment centres such as Tinapa, Disneyland and Obudu Cattle Ranch in Edo State.

    “We shall not wait for the Federal Government to create job opportunities for us because we know what to do and have been doing it for others and shall do it for Edo State,” he added.

    The Campaign Director for Ozono  team also said that revamping moribund industries in all parts of the state would be Ozono’s top priority when elected as Governor come September 19.

    Oka further added that as a security consultant in London, the NRM candidate is suitably qualified to deal with the security challenges which have stampeded business growth and development in the state.

    When asked what kind of man would Edo people be dealing with after September 19 election, he replied;
    “As you can see, he is a young, vibrant, creative, and enlightened man who like most of you, shall be dealing with an active and performing Governor.

    “Mr.Ozono is a man of many colours and so he shall brighten Edo State with good and positive colours. Above all, Ozono aims to transform and brighten the lives of Edo people, especially the youth, women and vulnerable groups,” Oka said.


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