Edo Polls: NRM Ready, Warns Against Rigging



    The Director of Media for Ozono CampaignTeam, Pastor Shedrach Oka on Wednesday said that the National Rescue Movement  (NRM) and its candidate for the September 19 gubernatorial election in Edo State are fully prepared and ready for the polls.

    Pastor Oka said that as part of its plans to form a new government in Edo State after winning the September 19 election, that the party has began to make consultation with stakeholders in all part of the state with the view of forming a broad base and inclusive government for the people.

    He further said, an Ozono-led administration would not be hijacked by godfathers nor be teleguided by selfish persons who would want to gain access to the coffers of the state.

    Pastor Oka said, “I can assure you that Stevie Ozono would not be controlled by godfathers as was done by the APC and PDP, rather the godfathers of Ozono would be all the electorates in the state”.

    “Let me reiterate here that we have started consulting with all the stakeholders in the state so that after we win the election in September 19, all the citizens of the state would have an input in the administration .

    He further added, “Ozono will create jobs and employment opportunities for Edolites.

    “Ozono will bring new innovations that would better the lives of all in the state.

    “Ozono’s cabinet shall include 60% youths and women.

    “Ozono will work hand-in-hand with the youth in the state, integrating them into mainstream leadership and entrepreneurship to stamp out, unemployment and insecurity.

    Pastor Oka then warned all parties involved in the election to play according to rules and encouraged the INEC to stick only to their constitutional duties of providing a levelled playing environment for the elections to hold.

    “Let me warn that our ambition as politicians and political contractors is not worth the blood of any Edo Son or Daughter and therefore, should not try rigging tactics or politics of rerun elections here.

    ” The electorate have already decided on whom to vote – Ozono already resonates high on their list.

    “So any attempt to cheat Edo people  would result in over 2 million people marching on the streets of Edo”, he added .

    The Campaign Spokesman also warned the Governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki to get ready to go quietly without a fuss.

    “My advice to Governor Godwin Obaseki is to use the remaining days in office, write your handover notes and start reaching out to Ozono so that we can have a peaceful transition”, Oka added 


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