Sports Ministry, Zamfara Govt Ganging Up Against Me, AFN President Cries Out

    Governor Matawalle of Zamfara State

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Honourable Ibrahim.Gusau has cried out, alleging that a gang taking place between the Ministry of Sports and the Zamfara State Government to undermine his position, in blatant disrespect for court orders.

    He expressed this while speaking on phone with our correspondent on Sunday, in reaction to his purported recall from being a representative of the North West Zone on the AFN Board by Directors of Sports from the zone.

    “You.know I contested for the Governorship. The governor was not happy and they joined forces with the ministry.

    “You recall the $150,000 which was eaten before I came on board, I now reported the issue to ICPC they were supposed to send in $20,000 dollars but sent in $150,000 for the world body. 

    “Those before me on AFN board when dissolved, went in and took the money. When I came on board, the world body requested the money so I raised alarm and the ministry has paid,” he informed.

    He explained that all the drama is contempt of court.
    “The court said clearly, whatever they did was null and void. From Zamfara to Kaduna to whereever is null and void, because the court said do not undermine.

    “All these things they are doing are court contempt issues because the court said they should not undermine my leadership of AFN,” he stressed.

    He explained that he was the dtate Chairman of Athletics Association in Zamfara State for 13 years and has committed personal resources in it’s development.

    On the facts surrounding the development, he said his detractors are bent on frustrating his Presidency, which is duly recognized by the world body and expected to end on 2021
    On the rumoured suspension pronounced on him, Gusau said that the  July 1 Court Judgment in his favour identified that only a president of AFN can summon a meeting based on its articles.

    “Based on articles of our Federation, only a president can call a meeting. 

    The $150,000 dollars issue   didn’t go down well with the ministry, so they were hell bent on removing me. So when I called a meeting, they were able to access some of my board members which of course some of them  are civil servants.
    “They harrased them into holding another meeting in Abuja We did our meeting in Awka, the board meeting was held on December 3rd and on 4th, AGM was held.

    “While we were doing meeting in Awka, they went ahead and did another meeting in Abuja saying I was suspended. First meeting was that I was suspended, second was that I was removed.

    “I didn’t want to wash our dirty linen in public, so I went to court and on July 1, 2020, Court ordered that status quo should remain,” he explained.
    He further said that when they won the judgment which was very clear, they appealed. 

    “If you appeal, you know status quo remains. The court directed that I should not be undermined,” he saudy.

    On the Genesis of controversy in Zamfara, he said it stemmed out of his quest to.reclaim his mandate as  the real winner of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries.

    “You know I contested for Zamfara and I went up to.Supreme Court contesting with the Governor where I lost on technical grounds, not that I didn’t have a good case,” he informed.

    On the present condition of  his favourable judgment from court if it has been appealed, he said the appellate court has delivered judgment on one of the cases, with one pending.

    “The appeal has been heard they went to.court to seek.two cases. One they were challenging filing of case that gave me Judgment. 
    “And the order is that court order against undermining my position should be set aside.  The two cases were heard on same day and the one seeking to set aside court orders  was thrown out. Only one case remaining and is due for judgment once court comes from holiday,” he said.

    On whether his recall from the North West affects his position as AFN President, Gusau said that it is not a criteria.

    “It was not Zamfara State that contested for Director in AFN, it was me Ibrahim Shehu Gusau. To become AFN President, it is not a  criteria some did not even represent state or zone.

    “Where they are heading is that I should withdraw as president it cannot work because I did not contest because I am representative of state or zone. Mary Onyali, Rosa Collins, Kayode Thomas,  these are some of the people that contested against me, are  not even representing a state,” he submitted.


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