OPINION BY ALEX AGBO: The FFK Story And Three Other Irrelevant Things




    Nigerians remind me of a popular line that always echoes in my head. It was in one of Professor Chinua Achebe’s books that he said when the moon is shining, even the cripple is hungry for a walk. 

    Really apt when describing the lame anger of the Nigerian populace. So, suddenly everyone became a writer. Everyone lashed out at Femi Fani-Kayode. For a moment, twitter warriors arose. People who cannot write pim while their minister told them to their faces that she had fed all of them, the ones who are scared when some of us, including Chief Fani-Kayode, arespoke truth about the deplorable getting stalked on and offline because we speak about the atrocious nature of things going on in Nigeria, people who do not have the nerve to post anything on their Facebook timeline in protest against the hike in electricity tariffs, and many more cowards all found their strength. 

    They all suddenly discovered their writing abilities. It was FFK. He had used the word ‘stupid’ on a journalist. He had committed a taboo! Oh no, he must be guillotined. 

    At once, the man demonstrated uncommon candour, class and self respect. He tendered a public apology. That stoked the embers of their angst. As if FFK caused the recession! 

    Now my questions for that gentleman who was asking that question. Is FFK a public official? Does he not have the right to go where he wants to go as a citizen? Has he asked those in charge of the Nigerian commonwealth that question?

    Has he been able to ask where our looted funds went? Has he asked why everything in Nigeria seems to only end in the realm of pronouncements?

    Was he asking if FFK was using government funds? Had he audited FFK’s financials and seen that he couldn’t afford the trips before throwing such a question at him?

    Let us not be too blinded by the word ‘stupid’ to see the provocation embedded in that question. I have worked in the private sector all my life. I know what’s expected of me. If I sent a reporter out as an editor, he goes on the bills of the company. And he goes there to ask questions like ‘who is bankrolling your trips?’

    When there are important questions to ask. He would meet his sack letter at the gate before he turns in that mediocre report. 

    And then, FFK is a lawyer. His own father was a reputed Queen’s counsel. I hear he is threatening to sue Daily Trust for its asinine article on him. Rightly so. But, he, in my opinion,  should just discard the idea. Daily Trust doesnt appear to have that kind of money. Daily Trust is a little known paper, with very vapid, sectional and bigoted thoughts on its ppages.

    Then, talking about lawyers, are they, of the north, still learned? To think that ‘Lawyers’ did the unthinkable by forming a breakaway faction because of a politician?

    That’s very heartbreaking. It shows that the anticipated redemption of Nigeria is a million years away from now.

    Watch out for part two…


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