Man Slashes Minor’s Skull With Machete

    Policemen on duty

    *accuses him of destroying rice farm


    A man in his early fifties who gave his name as Mr. Emmanuel Igboke, a rice farmer and indigene of Obegu Nkaliki Unuhu in Abakaliki Council Area, Ebonyi State has attacked a minor, little Master Nwankwo Chimaije for alleged destruction of his rice farm.
    Giving his account, the rice farmer, Mr. Igboke narrated that since the August break which badly destroyed his rice farm, he has been facing human predators.
    He said, “Since the August break period my rice farm has been facing a lot of destruction.
    “On that fateful afternoon, I met some children who have used the rice farm as a playing ground and in the cause of chasing them, one among them fell down and got injured on his head.
    “Though, I have not seen his parents but I am promising to take care of his treatment because even why I am in pain over the level of destruction already done to the farm; I don’t know what led me into such act.
    Narrating his experience, the little Master Nwankwo hinted that he was with some of his friends by the riverside when Mr. Igboke started shouting on top of his voice, accusing them of destroying his rice farm.
    The victim, Master Nwankwo said, it became clear to them that the rice farmer was referring to them to leave the area which is few distance from his farmland.
    According to him, they ran off immediately they noticed that Mr. Igboke was after them; nabbed him and cut his skull open.
    He further said that after the farmer gave him the matchete cut, he left him for his friends who escaped by whiskers.
    When contacted, the Chairman and Chief Security Officer Nkaliki Unuhu Vigilante, Mr. Ekene Fredrick Onele told our reporter that he received the farmer who quickly ran to him away from his office as angry mob were trying to lunch him.
    He said, luckily while he was still trying to calm them down, some stakeholders of the village converged and waded into the matter, and promised to report to the nearest police station on arrival of the already informed parents of the victim.


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