Emir Of Zazzau Position About To Be Sold To Highest Bidder By Kingmakers, Group Alleges

Emir of Zazzau

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

As the tussle for selection of new Zaria emir gets hotter, with various Clans rooting for their candidates to succeed late Shehu Idris, who passed on Sunday last week, a group called Zaria Progressive Minds has accused contenders to the throne and their sponsors of using money to influence decisions of Kingmakers and other stakeholders whose inputs, the group said would determine who emerges the next Zazzau Emir.

In a press statement signed by Chairman of the Group, Musa Wusasa expressed lack of confidence in the ongoing process he said should have been a sacred and transparent ritual where the best candidate would emerge from pool of other contestants.

The Group however, thumbed up the way and manner Governor Nasir el-Rufai was handling the process, saying the Governor’s insistence on due process would ensure emergence of the best candidate to succeed the late emir who they said Zazzau Emirate prospered in peace and harmony under his stewardship.

“We must resist evil plots of these adversaries and people who do not mean well for our kingdom. They are only concerned about themselves and inordinate ambition to plant their stooge who they can manipulate and dictate for as the emir.

“These unscrupulous individuals have brought out bags of money to bribe their way and have their individual installed against the wish and will of majority of Zaria people.

“We fear that if eventually their candidate emerges against the will of the masses and in contravention of due process and fair play, the Emirate will experience disharmony and frictions which may result to retrogression and crisis.

“We call on Governor Nasiru el-Rufai who has the final say on who becomes the next Emir to investigate our allegations thoroughly and disqualify any contender who has been found wanting and guilty of using money or he is aware others are using financial inducements for his advantage, he does not stop them.

“We believe taking a punitive action by the governor would right the wrong and ensure only credible contender emerge our next Emir to consolidate on the exemplary achievements of the late Shehu Idris.

“We can’t afford to have an unqualified emir at this time we are having challenges ranging from, insecurity, poverty, out of school children among others, that we need a strong emir to complement efforts of our governor in providing good leadership to our people. “Mr Wusasa stated.


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