We Can’t Win Election In 2023, Adamawa APC Leader Confesses


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, Alhaji Suleiman Adamu has said that it is a mere dream for the members of the party to be thinking of winning an election in the state the way things are going on in the party.

    Adamu who is the Yola North Chairman of the party, expressed worries over how the members of the party became find joy in anti party activities bringing the party of disrepute of winning election in the country.

    He gave an account of what happened in Adamawa in 2019 general elections that senior and critical party members vehemently worked against the party and gave PDP an undue chance to win the election just because they contested and lost.

    “Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow was the leader of the party this party senior men from Abuja fought him  with no fault of his as far as I’m concerned, made us lose the election to undeserving PDP government,” Adamu said.

    He continued  that the only big office that the APC is left within the state is the Central Senatorial zone with Engr Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani as the representative Senator, a perceived leader of the party is the only senior elective office they can boast on, lamenting that they have started fighting her also for primordial sentiments.

    “Who bewitched us? What is wrong with us why can’t we unite over common issues? Why are we so sentimental? Why is the party going this way doing harm than good to its members? Why are we all doing this to ourselves? There is no Just sense because you contested an election and lost and you turn yourself an enemy of the party. I don’t think this is what we have bargained for.”

    Suleiman also advised that unless things take a new shape and true reconciliation, forgiveness, passion and love for the party, he sees them repeating the same mistake made in 2019 not only in the Adamawa state but the country at large.

    He revealed that in the last Edo election, APC sons and daughters engaged in massive anti-party activities against their own candidate to return Obaseki as a seating Governor.

    He said anti party activities going on in APC have  become  norm and members are doing it with all sense of impunity with no one to caution them. 

    He lamented that the internal mechanism reward system to loyal and deserving members of APC is nothing to write home about.

    “Until the party begins to value its members and reward those that tirelessly work for it, it is then the party will get its right footing.

    “I heard rumoured of a story that the national caretaker committee is trying to remove the Adamawa party officials, may I remind those briefly holding the affairs of the party that we were duly elected and have a tenured life span, any attempt to remove us is tantamount to breaking the Constitution of the party and we will head to court to seek redress.

    “They are expected to suspend those who worked and are still working against the party in the last 2019 elections and the recent Edo State election, but they would not because they are holding big brief cases and we are nothing to them. Let them know this, we are going to battle them in the court if  they dare remove us as elected party executives from state to ward levels.

    “Imagine people dying for the sake of the party, I became broke and my business is now in comatose all in the name of APC and end up unrewarded because of the party we all thought is going to change the negative narratives of the country.

    “I’m sure President Muhammadu Buhari is not aware of so many abnormalities going in the party, I think things have to work up fast in redeeming the party image else we will be doomed for a total shame in 2023.” He warned. 

    He further condemned the action of some youth in the party under the dictate of some politicians calling for sanctions on Senator Binani,  an act he described as childish and linked to the high rate of anti-party activities engulfing the party.

    “Binani has done nothing and she is doing well in representing us and what she has done so far, no Senator ever represented us has done,” he added


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