Revolution Now: Sowore’s Proteges Protest, Demand For Good Governance In Nigeria


    By OSENI YUSUF, Ibadan

    Youth of African Action Congress In Nigeria on Thursday dragged a revolutionarised  protest round the city of Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo State to make there grieviances known to the public on the structure, leadership styles and the wasteful  means of governance in the nation.
    Speaking to the convener of the protest, Comr. Emiola  Solomon Adewale in his words said, “we assemble here to solidarise with the poor and oppressed Nigerians towards the tyrans ruing our various administration’s in which they have bastardised the system for the  to leave. The unbearable hike in Electricity, Petroleum and prices of basic everyday commodity in Nigeria is unacceptable and killing the joy of many, with a recall that the only power the oppressed have is for them to come together and protest. If leaders of this nation fails to listen to our agitation, they will face Mass action more than this witnessed on Oct 1st. Adewale Opined that there ideology is a Nigeria that works for all by condemning the present state of the nation that is only working for few.
    In his sperate remark, Comr. Rotimi Ogunlana clarified that the group is demanding for 5 things from the Federal government. We want effective security, standard education, a workable health system,a corrupt free government and employment for Nigerians.”When the government of the day were coming into power in 2014, they gave us alot of promises and assurance that things will be turn around for good but sadly, the pain of Nigerians is more than how they met it.
    A stakeholder in the Revolution Now, Comr. Kayode Babawale advocated that ” With the state of things in the nation we strongly believe that one must take a position. Things are falling apart and we hope for a better and for that to happen, we need a revolution now”.


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