2023: Group Wants Uba Sani To Succeed el-Rufai, Urges Sardaunan Badarawa To Contest Zone 2 Senator


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    As politicians begin early preparations ahead 2023 with several strategic steps taken indicating their next line of action, a group, otherwise known as All Progressives Congress, APC Youth Movement has thrown its weight behind the incumbent Senator of Kaduna Central Zone, Uba Sani, urging him to contest as Governor of Kaduna State, just as it also asked Hon. Usman Ibrahim popularly known as Sardaunan Badarawa to indicate his interest again of vying as Senator of Kaduna Central Zone in the next General Election.

    Usman Sani as Chairman of the Group in a Press Statement disclosed that Senator Uba Sani and Sardaunan Badarawa had distinguished themselves through service to their people in private and public appointments, saying both men deserved higher public offices so they could do more in uplifting status of people, particularly those at the grassroots.

    Sani noted that Uba Sani had attracted numerous developmental projects to his constituents through partnership with international bodies, which he said had uplifted thousands of his constituents, making them self-reliant through various vocations.

    “Many youth who were hitherto dependent on their parents or guardians for sustenance have been taken out of poverty courtesy of Uba Sani who doesn’t publicise most of his grassroots empowerment programmes because he detests unnecessary publicity.

    “He has complimented efforts of Governor elRufai by lobbying his colleagues at the Senate in ensuring speedy passage of bills aimed at developing socio-economic status of Kaduna State.

    “This can be attested to through the so many urban renewal ongoing projects in Kaduna metropolis as the entire capital is wearing a new look that is the envy of all.

    “Uba Sani has used his personal resource to train children from poor homes through schools up to tertiary level without being acknowledged. He prefers his good deeds to mankind kept wrapped and be only rewarded by God Almighty.

    “We believe Uba Sani will consolidate and build on achievements recorded so far by El-rufai, in addition, it is our conviction that he will easily defeat any candidate the opposition party may have as their flag bearer in 2023 because Uba Sani is a credible and sellable candidate loved by majority of Kaduna people across the three zones in the state. ” Sani stated.

    Speaking on reasons for endorsing Hon. Usman Ibrahim who was an interim Boss of Kaduna Local Government as Uba Sani’s successor, Sani said Sardaunan Badarawa had done so much to develop APC at the grassroots by empowering party Excos, making sure they lacked nothing in discharging their activities towards winning more members for the party.

    He added that Sardaunan Badarawa emerged second candidate with highest votes behind Uba Sani at party’s primary in 2019, praising him for not leaving the APC despite losing out in the primary election.

    “Sardaunan Badarawa as Local Government Boss has left behind an indelible achievements in Kaduna North.

    “He has through his foundation uplifted many families from penury and provided livelihoods for thousands.

    “All these he has done because he often says rising poverty amongst his people unsettles him and gives him insomnia.

    “We strongly believe if given the opportunity to serve as our Senator, he will not disappoint us. We have confidence he will not derail from serving the people.

    “We therefore, urge our party’s stakeholders to support him to emerge our Senatorial candidate for Kaduna Central in 2023. ” He said.


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