Happenings over the last few days are alarming and desperately beg for prompt attention.

Pockets of violence have greeted the earlier peaceful EndSARS protests which rocked several major cities across the country.

It is sad that the most populous black nation on Earth has been greeted by such occurrences, gaining roots from alleged injustices that pervade the country over the years.

What started out as a peaceful protest took a new twist over the last two days, leaving behind several questions begging for answers.

This has resulted to trading of blames from several quarters, with the government blaming the opposition and the protesters alleging that sponsored thugs ate responsible for the recent violence recorded in several cities.

Just on Monday, the news of a prison break in Edo prompted a 24-hour statewide curfew in the state.

On Tuesday, the burning of a Police Station in Lagos State and the alleged stabbing to death of a policeman who tried to escape the raging inferno at the station, with earlier reports of the injuring of several Police personnel of the Rapid Response Squad in the state prompted Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to declare a 24-hour curfew in the state.

Before the dust settled, disturbing news came out of Jos, the Plàteau State capital that hoodlums had a field day burning vehicles and other property, too much a sad news from one day!

Reports from Abuja, the nation’s capital on Monday were worrisome that several cars at Apo were set ablaze by hoodlums.

The situation is beginning to take regional and religious dimension with the North feeling like the protest is targeted at ousting President Muhammadu Buhari.

Several statements from Northern based groups on Monday, frowned at the protest.

What Nigeria needs now is peace, without which there can be no development.

With the recent happenings it seems a mirage

However, all hope is not lost as the President needs to act fast to save the country from chaos.

Fact remains that sustained Injustice is a precursor for agitations, which often turn violent.

Mr President should in his wisdom, address the nation at this trying times and seek ways to calm frayed nerves

If possible, convene an emergency conference of strategic stakeholders like civil society organisations, youth groups, clergy, labour leaders and representatives of the government.

Facts remain that several are agitated, following rising cost of food and essential commodities.

It behoves on the leaders to act fast to save the degenerating situation from aggravating.

The protesting youth on their part should also know that breakdown of law and other will be detrimental to the country as it would affect everyone, with no one immune to the adverse effects should things get out of hand.

Nigeria is ours to build. Caution should be the watch word.

Jacob Onjewu Dickson is a Kaduna based journalist.


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