ABG Blasts Legislators For Failing To Mediate With Constituents To End SARS Protests

    Former Member House Of Representatives, Hon. Shehu ABG has in collaboration with the Federal College of Horticulture trained over 100 Women and Youth in Kaduna on best agric practices and methods of preservation of farm produce for maximum utilization towards having a food sufficient nation.

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    As EndSars protests rage on in virtually all states  resulting in loss of lives, with National Assembly calling on President Buhari to address Nigerians, former Federal Legislator, Shehu Bawa ABG has knocked members of the National and states assemblies over their inability to mediate in the ongoing crisis towards finding a peaceful resolution.
    He lamented failure of the legislative arm of government to demonstrate leadership by being at the forefront of fighting for the masses from brutality of security personnel, the police in particular, saying primary duty of elected representative should be to make laws that will better the lives of the common man and the security of lives and property of the people they represent.
    ABG expressed disappointment in way and manner police and military authorities handled the protesting youth, while acknowledging right of Nigerians to peaceful protests as enshrined in the Constitution, the Lawmaker enjoined protesters to eschew violence and acts capable of disturbing public peace, insisting that no meaningful development could take place in an atmosphere of crisis and chaos.

    “The youth must be engaged by their Representatives immediately to prevent the current situation from degenerating further to a stage where it will be difficult to manage.
    “Now is the time for legislators being the closest to the people by virtue of their positions as lawmakers should initiate and pass legislations that will make it difficult for any security operative to oppress any law-abiding Nigerian and go scot-free.
    “They as a matter of urgency should come back to their respective constituencies and dialogue with the youth who are out on the streets protesting, they should listen to their grievances, take note of their needs, come back to Abuja and compare notes amongst themselves with a view to addressing grievances raised by these youth.
    “This is not the time to sit in Abuja when the federation is on fire which if left unchecked may escalate to a point of no return.
    “It should be noted that action of these protesting youth is accumulation of age-long neglect by the ruling class to take care of welfare and needs of the citizens who have been relegated to the background except during elections.
    “The current problem needs short and long term solutions to tackle. ” He said.
    He urged the protesting youth to sheathe their swords and vacate the streets for now to avoid further recording of casualties on their side, adding that their voices had been heard all over the world and his sure that actions would be taken to address their demands.


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