Maina’s Trial: Senator Ndume Is A Pathological Liar – Kinsmen

    Abdulrasheed Maina

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Kinsmen of former Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team, Abdulrasheed Maina have called Senator Ali Ndume a pathological liar for saying he does not know thier son’s whereabout.
    The Borno Senator who recently stood as surety for the former Pension boss, after he was admitted to bail had on Monday told Justice Okon Abang of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court that he currently has no knowledge of his whereabouts.
    However, in a telephone interview with newsmen, Maina’s kinsmen who spoke through Major Bukar Haruna Rtd, said it is disappointing that Senator Ndume could stoop so low to dish that kind of lie against their illustrious son in a bid to score cheap political point in negative light, but he has failed again this time.
    The Major also said, “Ndume has suddenly become so tyrannical against members of his constituency that he was meant to protect. How on earth can he say he does not know our son’s whereabout when he refused to visit Maina on his sick bed even after  repeated telephone calls put through to him by both Maina and his son Faisal, to come and see the deteriorating condition of Maina’s health.”
    He said it is obvious that Senator Ndume was only playing out a script directed by some corrupt power blocs who he has chosen to align with for selfish interests, adding that such alignment is only momentary.
    Contrary to Ndume’s claim that he was begged to stand as surety for Maina, the Rtd Major said “the Senator decided to stand as surety on his own volition after considering Maina’s powerful political standing in Southern Borno.
     “Senator Ali Ndume wants to return to the Senate in 2023 and he offered to sign, being the Senator representing Borno South. He also knew that he stands the chance of losing his election, if he does not. that’s his motivating factor for standing as Maina’s surety.” No one coased him to do so”. Let’s wait for 2023 and see if Ndume returns to the Senate.”
    The Rtd Octogenarian Galant Officer, urged the lawmaker to follow the appropriate channels if he was no longer interested in standing as surety for “thier son” instead of resorting to cheap blackmail aimed at discrediting him.
    In another development, Faisal (Maina’s Son) said his father was still critically ill and would return to court to continue his trial as soon as he recovers, adding that his father is a responsible citizen who recovered over N2.9 TR for Nigeria, a feat yet to be achieved by the EFCC during the time in question. 
    “My Father would not desire to abandon his trial because he has helped Nigeria grow and is still ready to recover more funds for Nigeria to grow instead of borrowing funds from other countries.”


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