Eid El Maulud: Founder Of Kadiff Felicitates With Muslim Faithful

    Founder Kaduna International Film Festival (KADIFF), Kashim I. Audu

    As  Eid el Maulud is celebrated this year, all Muslim faithful have been urged to pray for Nigeria, remember the poor, needy, orphans and love more without hate or showing indifference. 

    This was expressed in a statement signed by the Founder of Kaduna international Film Festival (KADIFF), Audu I. Kashim.
    “If you have not spoken to anyone for long on this day call to show love and kindness, for those seeking for the fruit of the womb may this day bring Blessings to your home and may we strive to follow the path of Prophet Mohammed,” he said. 

    He explained that the celebration of Eid-El-Maulud is a very special day in countries professing the Muslim religion of Islam, as it commemorates the birth of the prophet Muhammad, who gave birth to Islam. 

    “This day is celebrated in Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. This year Eid-el-maulud is celebrated on 29th October 2020. 
    “Every anniversary of Muhammad’s birth is part of the calendar of Muslim countries, as it is a national holiday. And everyone celebrates it in the way they think best suited to the date.
    “Some Muslims see this day as a time of celebration and praise. That is why there are countries where the streets are flooded with torch parades, and houses and mosques are decorated for the occasion. So do the women with their hands, on which they paint beautiful drawings made with henna ink. For their part, the men are usually dressed in white chilabas and red hats. In many cities there are also special events that focus on the events of Muhammad’s life according to the Qur’an and Hadith. “However, this celebration is above all a family celebration. Muslim families take the opportunity to spend time together on this day and praise Allah. 
    “Many have breakfast together and even dine with their families on traditional Muslim dishes and sweets such as the assidat zgougou (a dish made from Aleppo seeds, sugar flour, eggs, rose water, milk, eggs) prepared in Tunisia, the tamina consumed in Algeria, or the couscous prepared by Moroccan families. In addition, the youngest children read poems about fragments of the prophet’s life at these gatherings. And there is also time for gifts.
    “Finally, there are countries that prefer to dedicate this day to reflection away from festivities and take advantage of this date to dedicate time to reading the Qur’an. There are two different ways of celebrating this day, but the same shared feeling: the faith of those who profess the religion of Islam.
     “Nigeria will be great.
    “Barka da Sallah to all Muslim faithful !!!”


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