Reverend Bolanta Insists Nigeria Does Not Exist By Accident, Citizens Can Make It Work


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The General Overseer, Restoration Bible Church and Ministries International, Reverend Tunde Bolanta has expressed optimism that Nigeria can become greater and a rallying point of other African countries, if all come together irrespective of religious, ethnic or political differences.

    He expressed this while fielding questions from newsmen on Sunday at the church’s headquarters, on the sidelines of this year’s annual convention, tagged Celebration 2020, which begins from November 1 to 8 with the theme, “Arise & Shine” at Restoration Drive, Ungwan Romi, Kaduna.

    “Nigeria did not come into existence by accident but divine Providence, hence all should come together irrespective of religious or tribal differences to make it work.

    “I don’t believe Nigeria is an accident if we work on this nation, it would work,” he assured.

    He said that what Chrustians ought to do is pray for wisdom to choose good leaders.

    “What we should be praying for is for God to give us good leaders.

    Speaking further, he said that though there are big issues militating against Nigeria’s progress, trusting in God can change the story to glory.

    “But let’s believe God, pray for our leaders,” he admonished.

    Speaking further, he also stressed the need to hold leaders accountable.

    “Praying alone is not enough, we need to hold our leaders accountable, but not by violence.

    “But again, there is hunger in the land. If we take a little and reach out to people in communities it will help,” he said.

    Commenting on violent protests riding on the wings of the EndSARS campaign, he sued for peace.

    “I also want to appeal to those looting people’s property.that those things are for individuals. Two wrongs cannot make a right,” he emphasized.

    He therefore, charged the leaders to be open minded and listen to the voice of reasoning.

    “The leaders need to listen to us. I mean all Nigerians including the youth and say okay what is your case.

    “I believe people are hungry, they just need a little succour.

    “Nigerians are very accommodating, with a little Palliatives, I believe the youth will turn around.

    “They need to listen to the heart of these youth. Whether we like it or not, they will die, and the youth will take over,” he submitted.


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