Two Adamawa LG Chairmen Allegedly Go Beserk In Govt House Over Fintiri’s Largesse

Adamawa PDP Gubernatorial candidate, Umaru Fintiri

*concerned citizens call for their immediate suspension 

By  KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

It was a show of barefaced shame as two irate Adamawa Local Government Areas Chairmen on Monday abused the sanctity of the Government House Yola (GHY), office of the State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri when they caused a commotion in their attempt to fight a fellow Chairman  at the hallowed chambers of the Governor’s office.
Our correspondent who was there to cover their solidarity visit to  Governor Fintiri reports that the two chairmen abused protocols in their wild inhumane desperation to lynch a fellow chairman who exposed them for conspiring to deny others the sum of money donated by the Governor for the activities of the Association of Local Government of Nigeria ( ALGON), an umbrella body of LGAs chairmen in the state.
According to a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage which captured the ugly incident that happened at the GHY when the 21 LGAs  visited, the Maiha LGA Chairman, Dr Idi Aminu drew the attention of the ALGON Chairman, Alhaji Jingi Rufai over money the governor gave in running the affairs of the union which was allegedly cornered by the two Chairmen.

The Chairmen of Mubi North, Suleiman Yahaya Sudi and Gidaddo Abdulsalam of Song local government areas were the two chairmen accused of cornering the money by Idi, dependable sources later told our reporter.
Sources said that the two chairmen were despondent and irate, should be immediately suspended for abusing the sanctity of the Government House which they turned into a rogues empire when they ran amock, threatening fire and brimstone to lynch the Maiha LGA Chairman and others for daring to expose their thieving and corruption induced ways.

Ahmed Lawan, a strong member of APC main opposition party in the state said one of the Chairmen is being alleged by organised Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to be of loose virtue and fond of abusing innocent girls.
“CSO are on the trail of the reckless Chairman and he would soon be exposed,” Lawan said 
The show of shame which took place in the GHY Executive Council has had tongues wagging at the ugly incident and high ranking Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members who learnt about it called for their immediate suspension and sanctioning of the two  chairmen who are incidentally first time chairmen in Adamawa State.

Observers of the melee said the suspension will teach the irate chairmen proper behaviours and removed their thuggery altitudes which at best is ugly and a shame to the whole of Adamawa State not only to the government and people of the state, the Executive Governor and the ALGON unit in the state.
During the ugly incident, the ALGON chairman, Jingi Rufai was busy trying to calm down the display of juvenile delinquency by the two chairmen who should have been suspended forthwith for throwing to the dogs the sanctity of the Governor.
The two beaters are seen to caused pandemonium right at the Government House Yola in the presence of pressmen on hand watched as the humiliating melee lasted and the two children ren behaved Chairmen ran amock shouting at the top of their voices.
According to Ahmadu Babangida while stating his view as a proud citizen of the state, called for the quick intervention of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, to forestall another show of barefaced shame when the council chairmen meet again.
“The ugly incident of these chairmen have cast a dark shadow on the Galant achievements of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in development of Adamawa State especially Local Government Areas reengineering and upliftment when the chairmen are engaging in shameful acts of misdemeanours.” He said
He continued to say that he is an ardent follower of Fintiri and is proud of his style of leadership. 
He said if the Governor does not act fast, it will spell doom for his second term bid as the  chairmen will throw a spanner in his administration’s giant strides.
Efforts to get a response from the two chairmen as Sudi two lines our correspondent gave countless calls without answering.
A short messaging service (SMS) was later sent to him thus:
“Good morning Sir, pls can you comment on the alleged fight the three of you recorded on CCTV recently at govt house Chambers? Journalist”
In the same manner, Gidado’s number was dialled many times at first was saying “switched off” but later rang on many occasions but he was not picking.
Our correspondent after sending SMS to him as follows:
“Good morning Sir, pls can you comment on the alleged fight the three of you were recorded on CCTV recently at govt house Chambers? Journalist”. 
Waited after hours, no response from the two of them decided to go to the press.


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