We Will Not Loan Out Players This Season, Osun United Vice Chairman Vows


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Vice president of Osun United Football Club, Vincent Akinbami has made it clear that the new management board led by Ex international Ademola Adeshina will not entertain the issue of loaning out players in Osun United in the 2020/2021 season.
    Speaking in an interview with our correspondent,  he said that it was time for the team to start treating players contract as an intangible asset which shows that the  club  owns the players outrightly or percentage of it with not less than two years contract.
    “We want to run the club professionally, ensure money from sales of players goes straight to club’s acccount and are accounted for. 

    “We will stop the system of loan from club, if it will happen, it should be on a rare case, we either own all the rights of the player or percentage of it, signing not less than two years contract with players,” he said.
    The vice president also praised the new board of the NNL led by Senator Ogba for making insurance policies for players and officials compulsory, according to him, “this is a good start”.
    He said the step taken by the NNL Board will put pressure on the boards of  other leagues to do  same.
    “I am pleading with them to make sure they enforce their plans,* he stressed.


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