OPINION BY YUSUF ADAMU: How Zulum Returns Democracy To Borno



    After about a decade of appointments of local government Chairmen in Borno state, a council election which gives power back to the people to elect their chairmen was made possible through democratic choices.
    Many citizens of Borno State have poured encomiums on the state governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum for ensuring that true,democracy returned to the state.
    The conduct of the election, which was applauded by citizens described Governor Zulum’s style of leadership as uncommon in the history of the state. They also said that the steps taken by the number one citizen is well ordered in the place of choice as the will of the people prevailed.
    Many have observed that, if governors across Nigeria would have taken selfless decisions as the governor of Borno state, things would have change for the better for the common man.
    Zulum since coming on board has demonstrated leadership along people’s choices rather than leadership for self enrichment as obtained in many states today in the he of democracy.
    Local government is where the common man feels the presence of any government and democracy if not felt at that level can rather be described as autocratic regime.
    The coming of Zulum and Kadafur has opened so many opportunities to the people at grassroots to be begin to feel he presence of government. Today’s election in my own opinion shapes the way toward for Borno indigenes seeking direction in the face of storms.
    I believe with the election today, a lot of citizens who left their local government to stay in the state capital will have a reason to return home and add to the development or be part of the development that will take place as a result of the decisions taken by the Professor governor.
    I also feel that, the elections today will usher a new meaning into the 25 years development plan of the governor for those who are still skeptical about the dream Zulum had about Borno and the steps he took into bringing it to reality.
    When there is a government in place at the local government level, all the burden on government at the state level will drop and the government will have more time to think and do better things for the people.
    For the first time in Borno state we saw Professors, P.hD  holders and virtually all other contestants are having their first and second degrees. These are the kind of people that will help the governor drive his 25 years plan. I think Zulum is taking Borno out of the era of mediocrity where every Dick, Jack and Harry takes hold of government at local level with knowledge of what he is there to do.
    By returning power to the grassroots, Borno state governor, Professor Babagana Zulum has again set a history and have demonstrated his love for Borno state and its people. He has also print his name in gold and became a reference point for politicians in Nigeria as we look into 2023.
    Yusuf Adamu writes from Maiduguri


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