Delta Medical Practitioner, Djeba Frowns At Way Dead Bodies Are Kept In Govt Hospitals



    The Chief Medical Officer, “Save Heaven Mortuary Services”, a subsidiary of Bryant Hospital in Warri, Dr. Bright Djeba has said the way dead bodies are kept at the mortuary section in government hospitals is “unfit” stressing that it’s not good.
    Dr. Djeba made the assertion during the official opening/commissioning of the mortuary in Warri, Delta State.
    He said that was the reason he took it as a pain to establish “Save Heaven Mortuary Services”a subsidiary of Bryant Hospital.

    “When I lost one of my senior uncles, he died at 95. A well to do man. The only mortuary we have here in this town was Veenell and when we went there, it was filled up. No place to keep him and I cannot afford to go and keep him just in a canopy. 
    “I said No!!! I have to do something. That was why this place was built and we built it to help humanity. 
    ” Mortuary services, this is more of a humanitarian services. So, it’s not a profit oriented venture.
    “We have to order refrigerator, state-of-the-art equipment to this place.”
    Dr. Djeba who is also into real estate investment, a hospital and others said, “I found out that we should give respect to the dead.”


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