2020: HEKAN President Charges All To Thank God For Unconditional Love


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    In spite of several challenges witnessed in the year 2020, there is the need to thank God for his unconditional love.

    President of the  United Church Of Christ In Nations (UCCN), Rev. (Dr.) Amos G. Kiri gave the advise in his Christmas address delivered on Friday December 25.

    “The economy of the world crashed, events were cancelled including our Annual National Convention. Many lives were lost. But in all this, God remains supreme, faithful and showing his unconditional love as never before. 
    “His blessings upon us never ceased. That is the reason why I and you are still alive. What a mighty God we serve! In every situation, give thanks, so the Bible tells us. 
    “Therefore before you open your mouth and complain, go back memory lane of 2020 and see if you can count God’s blessings upon you,” he charged.

    He said that marking the birth of Jesus like it has been done for over 2000 years ago,  miraculously through a virgin is here again, enjoining all to join him in thanking God Almighty for being amongst those celebrating the Christmas this year. 
    “May His name be praised forever and ever, Amen,” he added.
    Reverend Kiri stressed that the year 2020 will go down history lane as one of the years that God was seen in action more vividly than many years past. 
    “I am sure I am not alone to say that since I was born, I had never thought that one day in my life time a pandemic will occur and that I will not leave my house, move around freely or go to church to worship God with other brethren. 
    “We have witnessed many unfortunate things this year; chief among them is the COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic. The pandemic came and curfews and lockdowns were the order of the day,” he emphasized. 


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