Otukpo Comes Alive At Christmas Courtesy Ochacho Carnival



    After years of less fun during Christmas owing to the stoppage of the annual Mark D Ball, Otukpo, the capital of the Idoma Nation came alive this year with the grand introduction of the Ochacho 2020 Carnival.

    Top Nigerian A List super stars, led by David Adeleke popularly known as Davido were on ground at the Ochacho Avenue venue of the Carnival to thrill fun lovers in Otukpo City, which is also known as Texas.

    Davido and his crew were received along Otukpo-Enugu Road by King Mohammed Adah, the CEO of Ochacho Real Homes Limited and Ochacho Foundation for the needy, ahead of the Carnival.

    Our Correspodent who went round the city in the course of the carnival, reports that all the hotels were fully booked as Idoma sons and daughters from all over the country and overseas, as well.as other fun seekers thronged the ancient city to witness ecstatic moments and thrills.

    In his comments on the carnival, King Mohammed O. Adah CEO Ochacho Homes and Ochacho Foundation, said that the Carnival is an event that’s meant to foster unity among all idoma people and other ethnicities irrespective of class and variety.

    “It is meant to establish a bond through entertainment and we’re glad that God is using us to do this. There’s no political intention behind it. We’re just vessels in the hands of God. Do not let anyone feed you lies.

    “May God bless us all,” he added.

    He further said that the Ochacho Carnival is a celebration of the Idoma Culture and tradition through the means of entertainment. 

    Our Correspodent further reports that another unique aspect of the carnival which is the first of its kind in this part of the world is that all that attended were provided free food and drinks.


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