2021: Former Lawmaker Urges FG To Restrategise Security Master Plan


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A Kaduna based Politician and a one time Federal Legislator who represented Kaduna North Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber from 2011 to 2015, Usman Shehu Bawa (ABG), while expressing anxiety at rising insecurity across Nigeria particularly in the North, urged Federal Government to restrategise her security master plan in 2021.

    According to him the present method of fighting crime had failed to make any positive impacts to address the nation’s security challenge.

    ABG made it known to Journalists in kaduna, while given his personal expectations from Federal government in 2021, saying there’s need for government to change their master plan in combating insecurity in the country, if there was any.

    “We can’t afford to use same outlived arrangement which is not working to address burning security issues as we enter new year.

    “2021 should be a turning point for this administration to turn a new leaf because Nigerians are keenly watching and I must tell you their patience is running out.

    “Agenda must be set and hammered on by the Media starting from January of 2021, urging the Federal Government to give needed attention to our health sector by making an adequate budgetary allocation to upgrade our healthcare facilities to handle complex health situations instead of flying abroad for an ailment that can easily be handled locally “he said.

    The one time Special Adviser to Speaker Dogara on Special Duties used Cuba as a shining example amongst her peers, saying the Communist nation of Latin America despite being under United States of America (USA) sanctions for decades, but could still boast of a health sector which he said was second to non in the whole of the Caribbean, urging Nigerian policy makers to take a trip to Havana with a view to study and learn from Cuba’s experience.

    “How did Cuba, a struggling nation in just few years following the Castro’s revolution manage to turn a comatose health sector into a sanctuary prolonging lifespans of prominent and wealthy politicians, including those from the West? ” ABG rhetorically asked.

    Speaking on sorry state of the nation’s power sector, he urged the Federal Government to explore and utilize solar energy as an alternative and reliable source of energy which he said the country had in abundance.

    He said Nigeria was sitting on a timed bomb with an army of unemployed youth whose number he stated increased at an alarming rate as tertiary institutions turn out job seekers into an already saturated labour market.

    “Drastic and sustainable job creation programme must be put in place to absorb teeming numbers of our unemployed youth, aimed to turning them into entrepreneurs who are job providers not seekers “he suggested.

    He called the present administration to extend the train services to other part of the country since all major roads in the have been abandoned due to insecurity and the sorry state of our roads.

    ABG also suggested that government should privatise the sector to avoid the usual lack of maintenance culture in the country, as it will pave the way for the sector to grow faster.


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