OPINION BY TOM GARBA – Engr Mannir: The Torch Bearer, Lighting The Darkest Parts Of Lere LGA


    By Tom Garba

    The story is changing again, the worse tale told by the old, young, women and youth in the moonlight at the village square of a salvager and a conservator is a light illuminating, radiant in the darkest parts of Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna state of a glory beaming our generation for good.

    The 2020 Christmas celebration, celebrated amidst strict compliance to covid-19 guidelines in my village Garun Kurama, a suburb area of Saminaka. On strolling to many parts of the community and nearby communities like; Mariri, Ramin Kura, Doka, Sigau, Lere are stories of a Young Man who decided to end politics of nepotism and religious bigotry. He is on an errand placing away politics of underdevelopment, pettiness, and sentiments. He sees politics of total inclusion to suit the interest of all and sundry as the best form of politics. He is redefining politics in a more humane way than it was known for in the area.

    This young man is an emancipator of humanity, he is sending out political tendencies of backwardness, reviving the unity spirit that was once enjoyed in the area. He is lightening the candle stands of awakening the dying glory of the area.

    Engr Ahmed Mohammed Mannir is a vibrant politician with a rudy face of hope. I discovered this young man lately in Lere LGA whose name has become a household name, a name ringing a sweet bell of doing good to the people of Lere. This name is great in terms of human and capital development no wonder his political paths are looking glorious,walking on the steps of political success building to 2023 General Elections.

    Please Permit me to say that, this Capable and visionary leader I have never met, no path of ours have ever crossed but the humming, rhythm, and lyrics of his people-focused projects are visible and speaking louder than his name. This attracted me to put down peace as a booster to encouragement to keep doing the God’s work serving humanity.

    My checks and finding lately were unraveled to know that he was a defeated All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate dreamed to represent our federal constituency (Lere) in 2015. But his dashed hopes were turned a life-saving grace to our people, with his undying passion for our people. Mannir is giving the selfless work by providing portable drinking water in our communities as one of the director, in RUWASA, a federal government parastatals in-charge of rural water supply.

    The success blueprint of this energetic and elegant young personality of his political prowess and growth is what keeps people asking about his meteoric and continue to rise and how he has sustained this spectacular success.

    The Secret success story of this after many days of trying to know why the name is ringing the bell in our area after a political defeat he got that suppose to be his political deadly end, this few things I highlighted below are what I think is making the young man a touch bearer of our time:

    Engr Mannir I discovered is detribalized, despite our multi-tribal and ethnic LGA by nature, he is trying to get along with all people across the various tribes of Lere. This visionary young Man from his track record, I realized he always stood on the pathway of merit, and as such he has never been tribalistic in handling issues, private or public.

    Mannir is a Consummate professional to the core, he has always brought that clinical and analytical touch to any business, state or otherwise as a trained, disciplined engineer. His closes monitoring and supervision of the water projects scattered across the eleven political wards is a testimony of who he is.

    Ahmed is a reliable and dependable political ally. Unlike most people who say things but hardly follow through, this man is one who can be relied on. His dependability has made his rapid ascension in government, this present position is holding.

    He is a good leader, a good manager who handles matters of his office with due diligence and Dexterity, just as an organization. He sets his goals, makes it clear to his team, and delivers on perfection to why it is designed.

    Mannir spirit of loyalty, calmness, submissiveness is one of its kind, these are attributes I have seen in him as great talents of an ideal leader. His ability to help, his acquired skill,s and his experience with his unflinching loyalty to the government of All Progressives Congress has made him the ideal role model of a future leader who can hold anything position without mincing words.

    He can be entrusted with a greater assignment, the young Man is more serious, ever ready to be called for a more higher community service, i believe he can even do better than what he is doing if given the opportunity and the privilege to serve the good people of Lere LGA.

    I however Mr Ahmed want to draw your attention to a few issues. Mannir Sir, as a good politician one can attest your assure healthy growth of politics depend on the sincerity of purpose you build in the minds of people. You will live better and have a more lasting impression of your political career if you maintain an implantable Justice of fair play to everyone, all tribes, and all religions.

    Sir ignore yourself of self-enrichment and enmeshing personal wealth. The good spirit Sir, the human development is more than building Castle of wealth to feel on top of the world. The reward of the later is nothing than regrets with a vapor of destruction to you and all yours. I took my time to remind you of all this because you are the discovery Golden fish who can not hide but must lighten up our communities to feel your existence as a good politician. Please Engr Sir be kind to all, in politics even your enemies can be a willing tool if you have the wisdom to manipulate his talent. You must never be seen or mentioned as a religious bigot, or a chronic tribalistic politician, devote yourself to the Justice game of fair play and see it as the best principle that can fix and place you on top of the pinnacle of your political career.

    My Brother, have the glue spirit, stick to doing good, Your loyalty to APC your Party is a good virtue of being a good politician. Your loyalty to our Governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmed el-Rufai should not be negotiated, unflinching loyalty is a sign of good quality of a breeder that has a decent brought up. Keep, feed your good family name by display loyalty to Mallam Nasir because it will pays you well at the end. Loyalty they says it pays.

    God bless us all in Lere, make our Land richer, flourishing, and peaceful than ever before.

    I see Mannir as a heart-kind-hearted Nigerian who is humanity conscious, the spirit in him is “no one can change the world but anyone can change someone’s world.”

    Tom Garba, FIMC, FIBMC, erote this article from Garun Kurama, Lere LGA, Kaduna State he can reached through these: 08030525759 tomgarba5@gmail.com


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