Ahmed Lawan @ 62: Senator Gaya Describes Him As A Patriot



President of the Senate,  Senator Ahmed Lawan has been described as a patriot who has dedicated his life to the service of the nation.
In a congratulatory message to the Senate President at 62, signed by Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya (APC Kano South) himself in Abuja, the former Kano State Governor said that Senator Ahmed Lawan has served the nation in the National Assembly since 1999 when the country returned to civil rule in what is the fourth republic. 
He explained that the Senate President first served in the House of Representatives before becoming Senator thereby contributing in geometrical leap to the growth and development of legislative activities in the country.
The Kano State federal lawmaker added that Senator Lawan has been a worthy patriot in the quest to achieving the Nigeria of our dream. 
He explained that Senator Ahmed Lawan’s emergence as president of the 9th Senate has put to rest the imbroglio that hitherto existed between the executive and legislative arms of government in the country because of his passion for good governance. 
Senator Gaya particularly mentioned that passing the 2021 national budget and signing it into law by President Muhammadu Buhari before the new year, is one outstanding achievement of Senator Lawan as Senate president which is the first in the history of the country.
In the tone of prophecy, Senator Gaya said,  “Nigeria and indeed Nigerians will look to the Senate President years with nostalgia long after he leaves office.” 
He further added that Senator Lawan’s style of leadership in the 9th Senate, is laying a foundation aimed at taking Nigeria to an enviable heights in no distance future.
Senator Gaya called on all Nigerians in spite of political party differences to support the 9th Assembly and pray for God’s guidance and peace for accelerated development in the country. 
He personally prays that God continue to protect the Senate president and give him good health and wisdom to steer the ship in taking Nigeria to greatness all patriots want Nigeria to attain.


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