Nigerian Army And The War Against Disintegration

    Army personnel carrying rescued children from Boko Haram to safety.


    The year 2020 will forever be a historical reference point for every country around the globe. 
    Every country had a share of the challenges that 2020 came with or at worst felt it impact. 
    In Nigeria, it was not just the global pandemic and its ravaging impact, it was a year the Nigerian Army had a date with history. 
    It was tested in many fronts, but it core mandate of defending our sovereignty, unity and democracy was tested in no small measure. Like Abraham Lincoln said; “only the test of fire makes fine steel”. 
    The Nigerian Army has earned itself a place in history for standing up to the enemies of our nation both internally and externally
    In the year 2020, precisely around October, there was an uprising that culminated in the killings of scores of our security personnels by our own citizens, massive and wanton destruction/looting of public and private properties. 
    This uprising was disguised as a peaceful protest, but it was not aimed at pursuing any genuine reforms or good governance. 
    The stated objective was to end police brutality and bring reforms, but the organizers only used that as a smokescreen to lure unsuspecting Nigerians to join the uprising and give it more publicity.
     The grand design was to topple the government in power by creating and sponsoring chaos and anarchy in the fashion that was used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Sudan.
    The strategy is to sow strife and disaffection among citizenry, which will engender a fertile ground for the evil machination of Western power in collaboration with some of our brothers in Nigeria. 
    Once this is achieved through a combination of propaganda and incitement, then the real bloodthirsty masquerades will surface in the name of democratic institutions and organizations such as Amnesty International, ICC and their propaganda apparatus CNN.
    Nigerian Army through intelligence, discovered this devilish plan by unscrupulous elements and planned a counter strategy to quell the uprising peacefully and without contravening the constitution of our country which guarantees the right of the citizens to protest. 
    On 14th October 2020, it issued a statement to the effect that it will not allow subversive elements destabilize our country. It equally reaffirmed its commitment to protect our democracy at all cost.
    Those who masterminded atrocities that ousted the legitimate government of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya chose a different strategy of accusing the leaders of harboring and sponsoring terrorism which has not been proven till this day. 
    The case of Egypt was plain animosity by the Western power against the Moslem Brotherhood and the government of Mohammed Morsi which started as a protest at Tahrir Square that eventually led to his ouster and death. 
    The other cases were through economic sabotage and perpetually organized insecurity which brought these countries to their knees
    Nigeria as the biggest player in Africa with so much potentials became the target of this unscrupulous elements from within and without. 
    Through economic sabotage, relentless recruitments of terrorists, training, arming and funding terrorism, they have clogged the wheels of progress in Nigeria. 
    With the prediction of the disintegration of Nigeria in the year 2020, it was hoped that this government wouldn’t last beyond their projected date for its disintegration. 
    With the support of some international organizations, they project an image of democratic ideals and protection of human rights on the one hand, while fuelling terrorism and insecurity on the other. 
    These Western powers have largely refused to cooperate with the Nigerian government in the fight against insecurity by outrightly delaying or refusing to sale arms to Nigeria, but have continue to supply more than enough arms to the enemies of Nigeria. 
    Many may not quite understand the full scale of the grand design by this satanic forces. With this government surviving more than five years after the said prediction, they have in recent times intensified their effort to keep a date with their prediction of Nigeria’s disintegration, with the collaboration of some political jobbers willing to trade our peace and stability for their selfish ambition.
    Despite the setbacks and towering challenges, the Nigerian Army and other security agencies have sacrificed their lives, blood and sweat to manage these internally and externally engineered insecurity, to keep Nigeria standing after their due date. 
    The Nigerian Army has maintained utmost discipline, valour and patriotism even in the face of provocative propaganda, and has continue to ensure that Nigeria’s case did not spiral out of control as is the case with countries mentioned earlier.
    We, as a people, must resist the plan to destabilize our country by refuting and disregarding all the negative propaganda against our government and the security agencies. 
    We must be resolute and united in supporting our security agencies particularly the Nigerian Army that is at the forefront of this war and keeping our democracy. 
    We must keep the faith knowing that darkness cannot overcome light and evil cannot triumph over good. 
    I salute the courage and determination of the leadership and all personnel of the Nigerian Army and other security agencies for their sacrifices and doggedness.


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