Ex Adamawa YOWICAN Leader Is Dubious, Senator Abbo’s Aide Alleges


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The media aide to Senator Ishaku Abbo who is representing Adamawa State Northern Senatorial District in the 9th national Assembly has alleged that an Ex-YOWICAN leader, Mr. Daniel Kadzai as a cereal mischief, with no shame displaying unrepentant dubious acts to the general public in the name of Christ.
    In the gazette’s report, Michael V. Bolgent who is the spokesman of Abbo recalled how Evangelist Musa Misal in a statement, slammed Kadzai whom he said, had a controversial YOWICAN tenure full of litigations that brought disharmony in the entire body of Christ in Nigeria.

    “I can still remember the words of Evangelist Musa Misal from a statement he issued  Friday, February 16th, 2018, where he said “Karzai in his usual characteristics of mischief and dubiousness has failed to acknowledge the fact that this organization (describing YOWICAN) is a faith-based organization which should be purely guided by Christian doctrines. 
    “We no longer admit such attitude of him, such that his tenure started with court actions and ended with court actions. This leaves much to be desired from a true believer much more, a leader of a faith-based body.” Bolgent recalled.
    Michael in his effort to reply Daniel who a story was credited to on  Monday January 25,  2021 reigning undue attacks on the personality of Senator Abbo said Kadzai need a second rebirth and a show of open repentance to Christians and indeed Nigerians who he defrauded in the name of Jesus while he was the National President of YOWICAN.
     “Kadzai is a nonentity who is trying to seek attention, despite his failure to secure his seat as the YOWICAN President; confusing the youth Christian body that the election held to evict his dictatorship system as illegal, and has caused divisions within the larger CAN family, which everyone knew that was not only untrue, bizarre, ill-conceived but is his usual way of making, and placing food on his dining table,” Michael said
    He made caricature of Daniel who according to Bolgent is parading himself as an engineer, an outcast, and was since declared by many Christians under a persona non grata anywhere he goes because of his untrusted and ungodly attitudes are disgrace to the entire humanity.
    He talked down on the former Youth leader to be a Makeri (blacksmith, derogatory word of an unwanted person because of his archaic behaviors) who doesn’t have what it takes to be a voice to the entire Adamawa Northern senatorial zone.
    He said Daniel is shameless, and an ingrate person, who does not qualified to speak ill of Senator Ishaku Abbo knowing the fact that he is feeding well from the purse of the Senator. 
    Bolger in his words continue to say that:
    “In the first place, we don’t consider the words of a Maker do not speak for our people, someone who is more concerned at betraying the trust of the fateful kind; only for the bread, he is getting from his sponsors.
    “Someone who is a drunkard, just to satisfy his current paymaster, slaved by the love of money would call Senator Abbo who is an emancipator of the land names.
    “All his so call statements are empty and baseless since he cannot respond to the salient points affecting the body of Christ as raised by Distinguished Senator Abbo, beating around the bush in ignorance of even what he stands for”.

    “It is undeniable that Bishop Dami Mamza has been playing politics with his position as CAN Chairman inducing tribalism and nepotism in the body of Christ. It is on record that Bishop Dami Mamza stopped the Christians of Adamawa State from getting the Speaker of State Assembly despite being the Majority with 10 out of 13 PDP Members in Adamawa State House of Assembly. He should explain to Adamawa Christian why, if truly we stand for a balance in the state politics”.
    “The Christian leaders who are feeding fat on the Kleptomaniac government cannot speak for the Christians in Adamawa State; if we truly want to stand for justice in the system. If the leadership of CAN stands for unity among Christians, why is the division among the church leaders”. Balance your house first before balancing the whole community.
    “What has Kadzai brought to YOWICAN since he became president after a testimony came out that “his tenure started with court actions and ended with court actions” with his  “usual characteristics of mischief and dubiousness”?”
    “My question would remain can a Makeri speak for Michika? Is Karzai not Makeri?”


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