Atiku Rejoices With Abbas On Birthday, Cautions Youths Against Immediate Gratification

    Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas


    Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has counselled Nigerian youths to place priority on investing in the future against seeking immediate monetary reward.

    In a message marking the birthday of his Special Assistant, Youths and Support Groups, Ambassador Aliyu Bin Abbas, the Wazirin Adamawa congratulated the celebrant and urged him to continue being the voice of the youths and their advocate.

    He however cautioned that his fight for the youths is targeted at freeing them from the shackles of poverty, illiteracy and other limitations, hence the need to endure for the sake of the future.

    “We are fighting for the future of our youths. It is not about what they can get in monetary terms,” the former Vice President said.

    Atiku thanked God for blessing Aliyu with good health and contentment while encouraging him to keep deepening leadership and courage in the task to free Nigerian youths from negative impacts of bad governance.


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