Private Organisations Should Contribute Funds For Fire Disasters Intervention – Kaduna Stakeholders


    Fire: Stakeholders Call For Setting Up Intervention Fund Through Contributions From Kaduna Private Organisations

    Stakeholders have among other measures, suggested that the Kaduna State Government should create an intervention fund whereby private organizations within Kaduna State would contribute a percentage of their net profit to support response agencies in acquiring new vehicles and equipment in fighting fire incidents.
    This was part of the resolution as contained in a communiqué issued at the end of their meeting at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) North-West Zonal office, Kaduna on 3rd February, 2021.
    According to the communiqué jointly signed by chairman of its committee, Maikano Gregory (Federal Fire Service) and Secretary,  Abdulkadir K. Muhammad (NEMA) respectively, the stakeholders decried increasing rates of fire incidents in the state.

    “The State Government should create a social intervention pool or task various private organizations doing business in the state to give some particular percentage of their net profit to support the EmergencyResponse Agencies to acquire new vehicles and equipment as theircorporate social responsibility,” it stated.
    The stakeholders further recommended that command centres with all response agencies having a desk officer should be set up.
    “Capturing of Fire Service Agency as part of approval body for issuing
    out building permit in the state.
    “Motivation of Government for formation or construction of command and control centre where all the responses Agencies will have a Desk Officer, for effective and efficient Coordination of Responses.

    “All the Stakeholders gave updates on the level of Preparedness,Prevention and Response to Fire Disaster in the State, challenges and possible solutions,” it said.

    The one-day meeting also recommended proper funding of the Fire Service for the procurement of modern firefighting equipment.
    “As a result of population explosion, there is a need for creation of more functional Fire Stations across the state.
    “Creation of social network groups for effective networking of all responding Agencies.

    “Increase of joint exercise among Emergency Service Agencies toenhance synergy and reduce inter-agency rivalry,” it further suggested.
    They also agreed that each responding agency should embark on conscious efforts to buildthe capacity of their men or personnel and other stakeholders for Effective and Efficient Response.
    “Creating of awareness and sensitization programmes to enlighten the general public on the importance of fire prevention,” they added.


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