Stakeholder Says There Can’t Be A Better PDP Chairman In Adamawa Than Shehu


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholder in Adamawa State, Honourable Mohammed Ibrahim Attah has said that those casting pebbles of attacks on the person of Barrister A. T. Shehu, the current Chairman of the party in the state are wasting their time because there cannot be anyone better than him.
    Attah who is popularly known as Baba Amin said Shehu has been a defender of PDP since 1999 and has never decamped to any political either in power or out of power.
    Baba Amin said that an opinion in a newspaper attracted his reply that the survival of PDP in the state is because people like A T Shehu are maintaining an unshakable loyalty.
    According to him, Shehu paid the price and is still paying to protect the overall interest of the party, sweating day and night to make it truly a people’s party.
    “Shehu to the party to the detriment of his family and his life, since the time of Nyako to date. 
    “He remains a loyal party man that knows exactly what PDP stands for in the generality of the Adamawa people.
    “He is a die-hard party man and can go to any length in protecting the party’s constitution and manifestoe. For  Indigo to come up with an article calling on Shehu, restraining his love for PDP, the party he has vowed to be with, is something we know about the publisher of the stunted growing paper whose partial existence is only in Jimeta, Adamawa metro city, and hardly can be sighted in newspapers stand.
    “Let me remind Ndigo publisher that our Chairman does not have any grudges with Senator Grace Bent neither is he having any with Habila Istifanus, Chairman Ganye Local Government Area. All my Chairman stands for is doing the right thing in the interest of the party.
    “A. T. Shehu I make bold to say,   is an indefatigable Chairman in Adamawa, doing well and no one can be better than him in  running affairs of our great party. He is wearing big shoes that no one can wear.
    “Most of  those fighting A. T. are enemies of the governor, and the fact that some of them are fighting the Fintiri, Shehu should not be expected  in joining them fight him, it is not possible. He has unalloyed loyalty to PDP and is hundred per cent serving the party.” Attah said.
    He however, called on the aggrieved party members to sheath their swords by supporting Fintiri whom he said is delivering the mandate of good stewardship as a governor across the twenty-one local government areas.


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