Alice Gombwer Peace Cup: Victory FC Builds Pedestrian Bridge In Kaduna Community


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    As part of requirments for registeration for the 2021 edition of the Alice Gombwer Foundation Peace and Unity Cup, Victory Football Club has constructed a pedestrian bridge linking disjointed portion of Lamido Street, Trikania, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna metropolis.

    Organisers of the competition had told teams willing to participate in this year’s edition, that each team should embark on community service which serves as their ticket.

    Girls Hawking items crossing the bridge Immediately after it was completed.

    The bridge, constructed on Saturday February 20, saw players of the community United on site and perfecting the bridge.

    Youth Leader Trikania Community, Mr. Felix Eshak who visited the players while working, said that it is a commendable effort done by their youth, which should be emulated.

    “All youth should not relent their efforts, meet someone, talk to someone and add up and do something.

    “They have achieived a bridge that women and children can cross. All the youth should be impactful in their societies,” he said.

    Member Board of Trustees, Alice Gombwer Foundation, Abdulmajeed Isma’il said he is very delighted and encouraged but the youth.

    “This is the kind of courage I like to see among youth that their talent is not wasted.

    Member Board of Trustees, Alice Gombwer Foundation, Abdulmajeed Isma’il

    “Amongst them we have undergraduates, graduates and even those unskilled. It is commendable and the rewards will outlive them even after they are long gone.

    “Among all the community projects we have seen, this is the best. Because others embarked on cleaning of schools before Resumption, cleaning of Sabon Tasha General Hospital and one eam even embarked on darkening of black boards of an LEA school.

    *I will want my community to come and emulate this youth even if it is to go and dig a well in a school, Islamiya or a mosque,” he said.

    He stressed that they should emulate these youth because they are faithful.

    “These are the kinds of youth we need in Nigeria. If other youth can Emulate them, NIgeria would be a better place.”

    Chairman Lamido Street, Chief John Adikpe Menasi said that with the bridge construction, members of the community are excited and would not be scared of this year’s rainy season.

    “Before now, as soon as the rains set in, we are completely cut off, with floods sweeping people away. Now we are happy and with the bridge, our fears will remain in the past,” he said.


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