New Month: In Spite Daunting Challenges, God Is In Control, HEKAN President Assures


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    As the world enters the first day of March 2021 today,  President of HEKAN Church, Rev. Dr. Amos G. Kiri has assured that in spite of daunting challenges, God is in control.
    Reverend Kiri expressed this in a statement he personally signed and made available to our correspondent on Monday.
    “The road to our destiny is without doubt difficult, rough and thorny. Certainly we will encounter dangers. 
    “Nevertheless, God is in control of the journey. After all, He initiated it,” he said.
    While quoting from the Holy Bible, HEKAN President said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest” {Exo. 33:14-15. Therefore, hold your peace. I pray to God to grant you grace to hold on to this life adventure.”
    According to the statement titled, “GOD IS IN CONTROL, FEAR NOT – REV. (DR) KIRI”  he further prayed that, “May He send hornets ahead of you to unseat, displace and striped off the powers of those who banded against you and your destiny. 
    “Welcome into the month of March, the month of Trinity. Enjoy an encountering life adventure. God’s blessings.”


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