Emonu-Orogun Leadership Tussle: My Intervention Was Never For Pecuniary Gains, Delta CAHR Director Tells Detractors



    The Delta State Director of the Conference for the Actualisation of Human Rights (CAHR), Comrade Monday Enudi, has condemned in strong terms, attempts by some persons to smear his reputation by alleging that his intervention in a lingering leadership tussle in Emonu-Orogun (the tussle has been resolved currently) to forestall imminent crisis, was intended to facilitate the reinstatement of the ousted President-General of the community, Hon. Henry Itedjere, for which he (Enudi) would be compensated with a juicy appointment in the community.
    Comrade Enudi, while speaking to journalists recently, wondered why anybody would be interested in spewing lies against him for no justifiable reason.
    He said, “l am surprised at this obvious act of vendetta fueled by malice and hateful inclinations, orchestrated to malign my hard earned reputation. 
    Enudi, expressed disappointment at the infantile disposition of the peddler of the malicious lies, saying, “when l got wind of the mischievious statement of lies against me, l was really worried about the sadistic development. 
    “Then, l put a call to one Ezekiel, son of the king of Emonu-Orogun, allegedly churning out the litany of lies, but he vehemently denied making the defamatory statement.”
    Continuing, Enudi cautioned anybody championing hate statements against him to desist from treading such unprofitable path, warning that it would surely result in self-destruction.
    Comrade Enudi, said that such unfounded statement was capable of misleading the good people of Emonu-Orogun community and the general public, even as he called on the public to discard the fallacious statement and be wary of mischief makers on the prowl.
    He said, “for the avoidance of doubt and to set the records straight, l must at this juncture, painstakingly narrate the role CAHR played in mediating peace at the peak of the conflict.
    “In the month of December 2020, a leadership tussle broke out in my community, Emonu-Orogun, and tarried for months. The matter was about the President-General (PG) of the community whose tenure was abruptly terminated by the Okpara (king) of the community and replaced with a new PG, Mr. Jolly Itodo.
    “The development sparked off conflict in the hitherto peaceful community. As the conflict raged, the National leadership of CAHR set up a 3-man committee to find out the root cause of the conflict in a bid to restoring peace in the community.
    “The 3-man committee was headed by pst. Edewor Egedegbe, while Comrade Isreal Arigbe, and myself, Monday Enudi were members.
    “The committee swiftly set out to work. They visited the ousted PG, Hon. Henry Itedjere; the newly sworn-in PG, Mr. Jolly Itodo; the Emonu-Orogun constituted conflict resolution committee; the Okpara (King) of Emonu-Orogun, and his son, Mr. Ezekiel. All the parties visited narrated the incident that resulted in the conflict.
    “In the course of CAHR investigation, it was discovered that the community has a constitution which clearly spell out that the PG shall emerge through a conference – a general meeting of Emonu-Orogun sons and daughters at home and in diaspora. In the same vein, the constitution does not give anybody including the king an exclusive right to remove the PG without the approval of the Conference.”
    Continuing, Comrade Enudi said, “CAHR rounded off its investigation and unbiasedly put together its findings and recommendations which it submitted to the conflict resolution committee.”
    Comrade Enudi noted that the findings of CAHR didn’t indict anybody. 
    He recalled that CAHR’s recommendations included the following: an urgent call on the King to reverse his decision and reinstate the ousted PG, Hon. Henry Itedjere; that the reinstated PG should build a synergy with the king to ensure unfettered harmony and development of the community.
    Enudi continued, “while a truce was being brokered in Emonu-Orogun community, l was confronted with a devastating allegation that the CAHR sponsored 3-man independent fact-finding committee was bribed to make a case for the reinstatement of the ousted PG.
     “The most devastating was the second tranche of the ill-conceived allegation stating that I, Deacon Monday Enudi was bribed by the embattled PG, Hon. Henry Itedjere to facilitate his reinstatement, and in return, would attract the PG’s goodwill and a juicy appointment.
    “l am astonished that anybody would stoop too low just to concoct and manifest lies to tarnish my good image. If l may ask, ‘is Monday Enudi an executive member of Emonu Development Union (EDU)? Is he holding any position in EDU? 
    “Are there companies in Emonu-Orogun that have juicy appointments that will be given to me? What manner of appointment and where would it come from? Is the appointment coming from Songhai that has not been put in operation?”
    Comrade Enudi sternly stated, “we should be mindful of the words we put in public domain in order not to provoke the anger of the gods.”
    He said. “l call on the good people of Emonu-Orogun community and the general public to treat the allegation as unfounded, worthless, vindictive and infantile.” 
    He continued, “such puerile allegation is the handiwork of detractors who are bent on causing commotion in the community.”
    Comrade Enudi admonished the peddler of the allegation to desist from evil acts or he would meet his waterloo in no distant time.


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